Is it appropriate or acceptable to

as a white person - if a stranger came up to me and asked where I was from, they would be told to mind their own f***ing business.

So it's not acceptable regardless of the colour of your skin.
I assume OP meant after an initial conversation. Random enquiries of strangers is a tad too bizarre even for the nuttiest posters on here.
If that’s the first thing said, I’d say not. I asked someone where they were from the other day because I couldn’t place their accent, as an example, that was mid way through a conversation though.
This. I would say the same to a black person if I heard the accent.
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The first thing a stranger always says to me is “ give me back my wallet you thieving bastard “
I’d been asked where I come from, because of my accent. But it’s never been followed up with “...yeah, but where do you really come from... I mean originally...” because they noticed the colour of my skin. I’ve heard that on more than a couple of occasions.

And no, nobody has ever walked up to me, or anybody I know, (that I’ve heard of) and asked about geographical origins.

But then the black people I know don’t necessarily go into a huge amount of detail regarding the abuse they may have suffered in their lives.
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