Interserve - the next Carillion?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Secret Visage, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. Lambchops

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    Established customer client relationship, no payment issues over many years and we do about 500m revenue with them annually
  2. SPUFF

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    The norm I would say now is 60, 30 if you’re lucky.
    If a big firm senses your desperate they’ll push for whatever.
    Then firms are forced to pay their lads late, hotels late, materials late or whatever and go pop.
    Or the big boy spunks money on bonuses etc then think shit we owe xxx off before xmas etc.
    Mental really.
    Folk thing starting a firm is just about getting business in, its not, its getting paid for the fecker n fighting people off till you do.

    Its still barmy when you think though mate. They could be in good health when a job starts n fecked 4 month later when cash is owed.
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  3. Lambchops

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    Oh aye, crackers tbf

    Depends on the type of business you're in as well mind
  4. SPUFF

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    I guess. If its service v supply its a lot less outlay.
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  5. cluffy

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    Shite anyways. Well, at least since Fish left them
  6. Vote didn’t pass. Pre-pack administration now.
  7. pavarotti1980

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    Well if they go the journey the government could use it as a tool to renew all the PFI contracts since Carilion and Interserve were 2 of the big players
  8. Just got a alert at work that their deal didnt get the go ahead. Priced a lot of work for the recently too
  9. Squat

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    just seen what the plan was on bbc item. i heard they were giving their lenders shares to reduce the debt but didnt know that the existing shareholders would have been diluted to 5% of the company. no wonder they voted against it.
  10. wash

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  11. The lenders are going to buy the company's assets and debt (essentially buying their own debt) in a pre-pack admin.

    It'll continue to run as a going concern, just with a new owner as of, probably, tomorrow.

    Now they have 0%, shareholders have essentially cut off their noses to spite their face.
  12. CW7

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    Took me almost 8 months to get £600 off Tesco about 8 yr ago! The bigger the business the worse the payer in my eyes. Fooka’s
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  13. The 2 largest shareholders have, but they are US hedge funds so probably win both ways - the smaller shareholders, employees for example are the ones who are really fucked on this
  14. Hardyman's Yugo

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    As an outsider, these private sector conglomerates delivering services to the public sector just seem too large and overblown. Interserve are responsible for everything from probation to construction, cleaning, catering etc...
    Is this the public sector being lazy by wanting all their services with a single provider, rather than parcelling services up into smaller packages and going to operators who specialise? The latter would give better service and imho value for money, harder to manage for the public sector bods though
  15. To some extent yes, but government tries to seek SMEs as well.

    Interserves problems stem from incredibly poor moves by the previous CEO into the energy from waste sector, that’s what’s ultimately scuppered the company.

    True, lots of smaller investors have got nothing. However it seems lots of those smaller investors didn’t bother to vote either.
  16. soapster

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    same goes for council contracts. the heads don't have a scooby but rely lower down the food chain to bring to their attention. If somebody wants to supply a cheaper version of something as opposed to what is in the tender, the lower food chain will be asked. they will then go higher food chain and a note entered on file that request approved but no details of who approved and on what basis.

    this was a good few years ago so I hope things have been tightened up now
  17. Quite a few take on the NHS staff at the pointy end to do the day to day running.
  18. Wilfy

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    The biggest shareholder is planning on buying some parts of the business from the administrator though so they won’t lose.
  19. DaveI

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    Kier will be next....I would have said Amey but I think the Spanish owners will have flogged them off before the axe falls.
  20. Wilfy

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    Amey have been unofficially up for sale for a while now I think.

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