Interserve - the next Carillion?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Secret Visage, Jan 17, 2018.

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    The problem in a nutshell
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    Why don`t Councils and NHS departments and schools etc just do their own FM?? They used to do it in the olden days and things seemed to work fine then.

    Why not hire people in these departments who DO have the expertise?? maybe the big problem here is austerity. They won`t pay the wages for adequately qualified staff and this is the end result. A bit like our transfer James Vaughn etc and we head towards relegation. Government depts. take on inexperienced/under qualified staff and this is the result.
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    Spoke to a mate of mine this morning who worked for Carrilion said he thinks he will get a third of the redundancy he would expect been there years on the training side that was making money for the company
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    Xmas lights firm on the news other day decorated Blackburn town centre or similar for council but bills had to go via. Carillion. Ie 120 days now not getting paid.

    Business is simple. Every contractor involved incurrs another staff/expense/markup.

    So your 15 grand town centre lights are suddenly 19 grand yet look identical.

    Pleased Im not working for any of these bandits at present. Plenty honest, hardworking firms will bear the brunt.

    And dont get me started on fucking SAFECONTRACTOR etc.
  5. Capita could be
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    I know of companies who deliberately hire small companies to do work and then don’t pay them - they then wait for the small company to go under due to cash flow issues and avoid payment, they only pay the ones who survive and push for the cash. Shocking way to do business
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    This has gone on for years, we’ve been dealing with a major US company on exactly those lines over the last 12 months...thankfully we have weathered it, they must be gutted. It’s obviously affected our supply chain too which has been difficult.

    Anyhow I heard yesterday Capita are in dodgy water...might be one to watch out for
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  8. I thought it was only in Africa where corruption occurs?
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    Through pure greed... Its always about the money.
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  10. only in that wist ham guys opinion
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  11. I dunno like plenty on that thread that agree with him.
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    Talking to a couple of the cleaning lads at Nissan and they reckon that Nissan had to step in and pay them last week
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    The administrators take over the running of the business to protect creditors.

    :lol: In a pre-pack?

    Bit naive of the BBC.

    The only thing the adminstrators will protect is their whopping bill.
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    Shit that, met a good smber recently with a role there.

    Stab in the dark but dealing with these the number effected including regular subbies may be trebble that.
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    Do the FM at our place. Only contracted out to them last year. Hopefully the people get brought back in-house.
  19. Got a few calls from them yesterday looking for stuff as others had pulled up the drawbridge, once that starts it's almost inevitable. Were always good lads, my biggest and best customers when I was in UAE
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    HP/DXC are fucking shit
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