International Space Station - TONIGHT!!!

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Thanks to the OP, enjoyed that, even our lass came out to have a look. I didn't think it'd be as visible and fast as it was.

Solar system scope is a smashing free app for your tablet. Using your gps it tells you want you can see now and for years ahead. Venus is amazing, so bright, cant wait for Saturn and Jupiter's return later this year.
Noted thanks but a reminder by you later in the year would be champion
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First time I’ve seen it and wasn’t disappointed. It was so high in the sky I could have sworn it was directly above the North East but watching it on the ISS app, it’s actual path was right across the south coast of Ireland then the south coast of Wales and on towards just south of London.

It’s back again tomorrow but only a 2-star viewing according to the app. Tonight was 3-stars.
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Noted thanks but a reminder by you later in the year would be champion
Will try to remember! Looks like middle of July will see Saturn and Jupiter reasonably high in the sky late evening, just after sundown( prefer that to early mornings)

Blue Bell Lad

The ISS will pass over us tonight at 8.27pm Get a drink and have a look up.

Its supposed to be clear tonight so thats good. The ISS is the 3rd fastest moving thing in the universe and its geet bright.

However ........ its only visible for 4 mins and it does get a bit of a shift on - like 27,000 kph

You need to know where to look or you will probably just dribble beer and say what a load of tripe.

Go to "ISS Tracker" to see how to do it. I have not learned how to post links yet but the NASA site is good. Theres an App as well.

Basically its pretty much straight up coming from the west heading south (ish).......... fast.

Good luck!
Cheers marra. You've put a smile on half a doz families faces here . Cracking views here like. 👍👍
Is that Venus?

Cheers OP was class, it was over Oz about 30 mins earlier and now approaching India
If you’re interested (and have an iPhone thought there might be a similar android app) have a look at this. Can point your phone at a star or light in the sky and it will identify it. Was also good last night for tracking the iss as it shows it’s trajectory as well as it’s current location so you know where to look when it gets there.




This is a good site for checking when it’s flying over , set for Fatfield, but you can put your own details in.

Flying over twice tonIght.
I must have been howling at an aeroplane with its lights on at 10pm last night!!!!

We are 180 miles south of Sunderland.
It made a brief second pass just after 10pm.

Out again around 7:42 then 9:14 tonight for us.