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  1. Alan BStard

    Alan BStard Striker

    This is a palindromic photograph

  2. AB22 Easy Tiger

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  3. JohnSmithUK

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    I thought that.
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  4. Alan BStard

    Alan BStard Striker

    Yep, Darlington.
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  5. AlpineExile

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    Has anyone ever felt like giving a cow a shampoo wash followed by a blow-dry?

  6. AlpineExile

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  7. North or South bound, I think they were platforms 1 & 4
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  8. Bishop Mackem

    Bishop Mackem Striker

    Am I missing something here
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  9. JohnSmithUK

    JohnSmithUK Goalkeeper

    The train number

    Platform one.
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  10. Bishop Mackem

    Bishop Mackem Striker

    What's interesting about that
  11. Alan BStard

    Alan BStard Striker


    Its a palindrome. :D
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  12. Nowt really I was just asking
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  13. Dan..Dan..Dan..Dan

    Dan..Dan..Dan..Dan Central Defender

    Follow prodnose ?
  14. vinegar hill

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    Amazing that.
  15. Farfrom Athletic

    Farfrom Athletic Full Back

    Fuck. That.
  16. From Dean Matthews photography

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  18. Butcher's Coat

    Butcher's Coat Striker

    Peter Bonetti standing in for Gordon Banks might have had something to do with this mind.
    And also Brian Labone was shite too.:evil:

    But Bobby Charlton got subbed for Colin Bell, who was a great player.
    But who knows if Toddo, or even Monty would have made a difference if they were selected for the squad to go to Mexico.

  19. The Mirror's been good to us and these are from the London editions during the '92 cup run.

    We'd have won every world cup in 70, 82, 86, 90, 98, 2002, 06, 10 and 18, if only we hadn't have been beaten.
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