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  1. Jack Stelling.
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  2. Unbelievable, Jack! :lol:
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  4. Class.
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    In light of all the recent environmental threads on here and calls to stop burning fossil fuels.
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    How to weigh an owl:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    That takes me back when we used to write to the club and ask if they could send an autographed sheet back.
    I’m talking about the Charlie Hurley, George Herd generation mind not those lads!!
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    George aitken used to live in my street. Class bloke.
  9. Owl stretching time?

    It even has its own mouse themed duvet ffs. :lol:
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    NASA astronaut Bruce McCandless floats alone with the blackness of space behind him and the bright blue limb of the Earth below.

    He's untethered with nothing but a NASA-made jetpack to protect him.
  11. Here am I floating round my tin can
    Far above the Moon
    Planet Earth is blue
    And there's nothing I can do
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  12. That was 35 years ago, and we're still nowhere near walking on Mars yet.
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    Look at Venezuela, biggest oil reserves in the world and the country is in a mess. Something has gone wrong there, they should be one of the richest countries in the world.
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  15. [​IMG]

    Testing of the Peacekeeper reentry vehicles. Each line shows the path of an individual warhead captured on reentry via long-exposure photography.

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  16. Another test


    And another

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    couldn’t you have just said it was aliens?
  18. 1000's of trees still in Spirit Lake after the 1980 Mount St. Helens eruption!

    It's here on Google Maps, zoom out and Mount St. Helens is to the South (1st pic is from Google Maps). It moves above but it's 4 kilometers in length and 1.25km at it's widest on Google Maps

    Google Maps LINK




    More pics here with info - Lake Spirit's Gigantic Tree Trunk Mat | Amusing Planet

    An estimated 1 million trees were blown away from the surrounding hillside by a super-heated wall of volcanic gas and searing ash and rock, and these along with other rubble were deposited on Spirit Lake. The debris avalanche temporarily displaced much of the lake from its bed sending 600-foot-high waves crashing into a ridge north of the lake. As the water moved back into its basin, it pulled with it thousands of more trees into the lake. About 350,000 acre-feet of pyrolized trees were deposited into Spirit Lake and these shattered trees formed a floating log raft on the lake surface that is present to this day, more than three decades after the event.
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    Womens' football teams as early as WW1.


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    And yet, they're still nee good at it.
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