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Insulate Britain


I would rather people protest as they do than the f***ing idiots who tried to accost Gove this week did. I'm all for their protest methods.
Problem, reaction, solution.
Create a problem - protesters stopping traffic.
Reaction - People pissed off and complain.
Solution - Stop people's right to protest, any protest.
Outcome - no one can't speak out about any wrongs committed against them, silenced.
Post #~520 will Shead a little bit of light, though not much, these people are financed, it's political, and it's designed to strip you and everyone else of their rights.
Seriously Ted... Stop going down these rabbit holes..


Bunch of f***ing geeks these like. Honestly surprised some maniac hasn't went flying through a group of them yet


"You're damaging your cause" - he's spot on.

Honestly I'm amazed someone hasn't drove through them yet. Given enough time and opportunity it will happen eventually.
It will happen at some point like, someone will end up doing 70 straight into one of them. I was expecting a couple of weeks ago to have heard about it and surprised it hasn’t.
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I cycled through their protest today in Parliament Square while out on a site visit. It was quite nice actually, so much quieter than it usually is around there. Saw some old lass who looked about 80ish getting carted into the back of a police van. Good on her, hope she's let off without charge.