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Please read this carefully before posting.

This forum is only to be used for private adverts for buying or selling things. No commercial advertising of any sort is permitted in this forum.

There is currently no fee for posting adverts in this forum.

No linking to or mention of external sites is permitted, with the exception that you may add photos of items when the photos are hosted elsewhere.

It is an offence under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act now replaced by the Violent Crime Reduction Act to sell,give away or advertise a football ticket for sale it is also illegal for RTG to "expose a ticket for sale". Therefore no football ticket exchanges whatsoever in this forum

All other ticket sales must be for face value or below.

We advise people to contact each other via the private message functions of this forum. You are strongly advised not to include any phone numbers, addresses or email addresses in your listing.

RTG take no responsibility whatsoever for any listings in this forum. Any contracts are between the buyer and the seller only so please be careful before parting with any money.

Adverts may be removed once they have been listed for 2 weeks.

You are only allowed to have one active thread in this forum at any one time. You may delete a thread using the "thread tools" option on your thread (or if that is not available, "report" the thread for moderator action) when you have sold an item - in fact we recommend you do this as soon as an item is sold to prevent further enquiries.

Not open for further replies.