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Impeach the bastard!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by GK, Mar 20, 2017 at 5:07 PM.

  1. andyj73

    andyj73 Winger

    .. Another fella shouting for impeachment when he openly admits he hasn't got a scoobies if there is any evidence at all ..
  2. lordy

    lordy Striker

    fascinating isn't it
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  3. andyj73

    andyj73 Winger

    .. He talks the talk, but walks with a limp ..
  4. lordy

    lordy Striker

    you wouldn't want him on a jury I know that much
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  5. thehighground

    thehighground Central Defender

    I'd say its only a matter of time before Trump resigns because he is bored, or impeached which would probably suit the real right wingers of the Republican party because it would mean their man Pence is in the hot seat. Now that is a very, very scary thought.
  6. I think his head will explode first because of the anger and frustration. It must have been close when he was sat next to Merkel the other day, the look on his face :lol:
  7. lordy

    lordy Striker

    I suggest anybody who is interest read this, it's a very long read but it's quite clear whose side Comey is on and he is lying through his teeth, there were at least 100 people who would have had access to the unmarked US Citizens picked up as incidentals and that includes Rhodes and Lynch, there are numerous departments involved and numerous links to the Obama administration but the system seems designed to be able to actively cloak any activity and make investigation more difficult by the sheer weight of numbers involved, from what I can gather and from reading between the lines you can ignore the headlines, this is going to turn into a case of find the leak. Gowdy is on the case and my money's on Rhodes.

    felonious dissemination of classified information


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  8. Flared Hicks

    Flared Hicks Striker

    BBC World News were showing the whole thing live in it's entirety.
  9. andyj73

    andyj73 Winger

    .. We should expect a total impartial, unbiased presentation then.. And pigs might fly ..
  10. Tin Soldier

    Tin Soldier Winger

    Moyes for Apathy
  11. Howard the Duck

    Howard the Duck Striker

    Erm, it was presented live, without commentary. What bias do you think they could have added?
  12. Flared Hicks

    Flared Hicks Striker

    :lol: Shush man, it takes the special ones a little longer to get going on a morning.
  13. Old Timer

    Old Timer Central Defender

    As far as Lordy is concerned reporting the words actually said live is fake news.
  14. haway

    haway Striker


    Question for the @lordy's of the SMB.

    What would it take for you to query whether you were wrong about Trump? It strikes me that you're so set on him being right that you would resort to calling apples oranges if that was necessary to justify Trump.

    Everything which opposes Trump is fake news, the deep state etc. No sense there could be a middle ground here.
  15. Howard the Duck

    Howard the Duck Striker

    The thing is some of them had valid thoughts and opinions on other topics pre Trump, not that I often agreed with them, but this defend Trump at all costs and arguing that black is white in respect of his administration completely undermines everything else they say on here for me. How can you take them seriously when the pin their flag to that buffoon.
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  16. r@mside

    r@mside Winger

    Amazing ability to read between the lines.
    Gowdy: How many could unmask US persons?
    Comey: Dinar, loads more than the 20 at NSA
    Gowdy: If it was 100 it would be loads, like.
    Comey: Anar, I'll get you the exact numbers, no probs

    THELORDRODWELL Central Defender

    Lock him up, lock him up...
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  18. Moyes and the Boys

    Moyes and the Boys Central Defender

    Are these the same people who swore on oath there was no mass surveillance programme?
  19. haway

    haway Striker

    Your signature :lol::lol::lol::lol:
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    THELORDRODWELL Central Defender

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