Imagine van aanholt in the champs league? It could happen

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by stephen cartwright, Jun 15, 2018.

  1. Qwerty

    Qwerty Winger

  2. For Juventus?
  3. UTW

    UTW Midfield

    He'd be superb in a better team with less emphasis on defending
  4. Juventus?
  5. naughtynose

    naughtynose Striker

    He's a good player.
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  6. scott934

    scott934 Striker

    I thought he was underrated like. Best attacking full back we've had since Gray was overlapping Johnston.
  7. thecloughywobble

    thecloughywobble Midfield

    He'd be a superb defender if he could defend.
  8. UTW

    UTW Midfield

    Why not? He's one of the best attacking full backs going. Allardyce had him defending well too so a decent manager should be to get that out of him.

    Giachherini also played for Juventus. I find that harder to believe
  9. Qwerty

    Qwerty Winger

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  10. The Muffin Man

    The Muffin Man Midfield

    Watched a few Palace games at end of last year and he was absolutely superb. #justsaying
  11. We will have to see.
  12. Steeeeed86

    Steeeeed86 Winger

    He’d be areet as LWB with a solid Back 3 behind him.
  13. Shirley Shammel

    Shirley Shammel Central Defender

    There’ll not be a sell on. No doubt about that!
  14. niceonemarra

    niceonemarra Winger

    Good squad imo.
  15. Bamber

    Bamber Winger

    Amazing what you can do when you try :rolleyes:
  16. cluffy

    cluffy Striker

    Did ok for us.
    we went down after we sold him!
  17. oldboy

    oldboy Winger

    Sunderland fans have this habit of presuming players must be shit because they played for Sunderland.

    Look at the comments when Alonso turned up at Chelsea.

    'PVA can't defend'. Most of the best left back at the best clubs don't have to. The Manchester clubs finished 1st and 2nd this season and didn't even have left backs playing at left back.
  18. safcforever

    safcforever Striker

    Good I hope he does and I hope he wins it

    @JumpingAnaconda will be cheering the lad on, I'm sure
  19. Always a fan of his. Added a lot more to the team than he detracted from it......

    Look at the fucking state of us now man, we can't sign a player from Peterborough :neutral:

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