I'm Going Vegan

Discussion in 'SMB' started by mux, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. Sounds interesting that actually
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    Tofu is great in that it soaks up whatever flavours you put in, it's like an edible sponge. I'd suggest doing whatever Chinese style cooking you'd do with say Chicken and just substitute it with tofu.

    B12 is now quite prevelant added to things like soya mince and soy milk - never bought B12 tablets and I've been doing this for a while now.
  3. Of course if you look at VG's post of the same clip ever reply says he
    It's up to you if you watch it. It has a lengthy summation at the end by another vegan who calls herself "Unnatural Vegan" and she is highly critical of the vegan in the video. However if you click on her profile page she has posted page after page of videos about veganism and nothing else, so in fact it looks like an obsession.
    Unnatural Vegan
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    Yeah well, sorry about that but might as I try, when I look into the eyes of a fish, crab or whelk, I simply don't feel the compassion that I do for other creatures. And at the end of the day, I have to eat something and I catch a lot of the fish I eat myself. I don't rely on artificial farms to manafacture that food source, can you say the same about the food you eat?
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    All he's saying is that you aren't a vegetarian, you eat fish. You're a pescatarian.
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    yep..cos I fish as well and and more than happy to bash one on the head for the pan

    but then I eat meat as well...

    if something has to die to feed me I don't judge on whether is a happy little lamb or a majestic wild trout
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    I do.
  8. If a vegan happened to find themselves in Africa without any cover and armed with an assault rifle and they found themselves faced by 3 hungry lions would they open fire or die ?
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    Why would they not defend themselves? :lol:
  10. My ex missus was a Vegan she made some great meals wouldnt myself though meat is Gods own food.
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    Good luck mux, a massive carnivore like myself it must be hard.
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  12. Well in the video I linked to earlier Vegain Gains said animals have rights..
    It's all very well for humans to grant animals rights but a lion simply sees a human as an easy meal, nothing more.
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    That's actually even worse than you think. They'd shoot them then not eat the meat.
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    they'd end up with 3 lions on their chest
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    He's been vegan 6 years now, some of the stuff he eats smells superb too.
    Not sure where you got B12 tables from in my post mind, I quite clearly posted that he adds Marmite and yeast flakes.
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    Smashed ribcage still bleeding...
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    very good :lol:
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  19. Eat the lions?
  20. Obviously not. The lions are meat.

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