I'm Going Vegan

Discussion in 'SMB' started by mux, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. Goat Eyes

    Goat Eyes Striker

    More like resin, crumble it into a roll up.
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  2. This is a canny little debate about the morality of eating meat.

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  3. Lexingtongue

    Lexingtongue Striker

    It's totally inoffensive and tasteless. Stick it in with a sauce of some sort and you'll barely notice it's there. Or bin it as you said.
  4. Discopants91

    Discopants91 Striker

    Having read the thread it turns out I'm vegan too, apart from eating meat and shit whenever I fancy it.
  5. See I can go with that approach. Practical, cost & health conscious and not preachy. Please don't get preachy. Nobody likes preachy types. Except Dusty Springfield, and even then it was the son of the preacher man.
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  6. :lol: very true
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  7. gavinmcant

    gavinmcant Winger

    Been a veggie for a while now and must say I feel better for it. I say veggie, I eat loads of fish like. The other half's gone vegan and it is a struggle doing the weekly shop to buy stuff for lots of tasty meals. I've grown to love a lentil mind!
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  8. Bad_mother

    Bad_mother Striker

    Maybe I could smoke it in the fire ???!!!
  9. janiep

    janiep Striker

    Aye, burn your house down. Will sort out the tofu and the spiders.
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  10. James

    James Striker

    Put it in the oven so it crisps up then hoy it into a stir fry. Tofu can be great.
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  11. Bad_mother

    Bad_mother Striker

    I don't eat meat. Well not since 1989....
    I just don't like it. Texture mainly. Scarred by school dinners, tubes in beef, fat on pork & lamb. I eat fish occasionally if I'm out.
    Raised my daughter meat-free but now she eats what she likes. I don't really care what anyone else eats or doesn't and it certainly doesn't offend me.

    Bang on !!! Stir-fry is actually on the menu this week.
  12. Cheesy Feet

    Cheesy Feet Striker

    FFS..next time I've got a bag of Sarsaparilla tablets i'll be careful not to offer one to some manky tree hugger then..Vegans..ffs.
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  13. They are but don't have the strength to go up a lot of stairs
  14. CatRyan

    CatRyan Striker

    Cubed and grilled is good
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  15. Vegan gains is a colossal bell
    Matt is mint, mind
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  16. muggboots

    muggboots Striker

    That's his best jacket and his underduds in the bin then.
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  17. alisafc

    alisafc Central Defender

    I saw a diagram not so long ago with all the things that are an animal by-product. You'd be surprised at some of them. I'll have to see if I can find it again
  18. GingerNick

    GingerNick Striker

    so you are not a vegetarian

    you still enjoy the flesh of a living creature killed to feed you
  19. I would consider watching it if veganism had been represented by someone better than that psychologically unhinged individual.
  20. Harry Angstrom

    Harry Angstrom Striker

    marinated in ginger, soy, chilli, lime, seasoning and baked in oven is lovely. I do this for my vegan daughter:lol:

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