Ikea floating shelves

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Kane, Oct 11, 2018.

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    I've also scored the top face with a Stanley knife and straight edge to break the surface and give you a cut line. Like your idea though, can draw the line into the tape.

    The walls were all over when I did mine. Couldn't get it to fit in the alcove as one walk bowed out in the middle slightly. Ended up putting a timber bead around the edge, but that was play for a desk.
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    So the wife buys 2 and says put them up here on the kitchen wall. Now I’m as good at DIY as I am with Mandarin Chinese. So it’s a dot’n’dab wall, and I improvise with some shitty plugs and manage to get them up, parallel and everything. She comes home and says “no, I wanted them staggered, I told you this”. So next day down they come and I try again. This time I get a bit of resistance when I’m drilling = ‘champion ‘ I thought, a bit of plaster or something. Then the water shot out at 100mph as I realised I’d drilled through a water pipe. One plumber and plaster job later we only leave the one floating shelf up. Which promptly collapsed as soon as she put some cookery books on them.

    Cool tale, I know.
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    burst pipe = floating shelf
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    I actually have. Or at least I gave them to the chippy at work to cut for me. Don't know how he did it but they're fine. They're in the pantry, fit just perfect.
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    Even the best DIYers and tradesmen mess up.

    My brother is a groundwork’s foreman and his lads dug into 200k worth of cables the day after they’d just had training on the kit used to detect them.

    He was the fall guy even though they said they’d checked.
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    Scribe it in marra. That way you’ll get a spot on job.

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