If we don't find a left back - who in the squad could play there except Hume ?

I'm not writing Hume off but we need someone else in the squad who could provide competition and allow Hume to be taken out of the firing line when he's struggling.

There are probably loads of left backs out there who could do a job at this level but if we didn't bring anyone in who would you play there ?

C Mc played the other night and wasn't disastrous but I think he may struggle against stronger opposition.


I think Onien will play RB this season. In fact, that will be his SAFC career position. Left and right back positions in a 442 this season will be Onien McLoughlin Hume Flanagan and an other.


We absolutely shouldn’t be putting a right footer there unless he’s good on his left foot. McLaughlin isn’t so would just kill our attacking width from one side.

We also have McGeady playing left who likes to come inside. We need a good LB to be able to overlap him to create more space for him to come inside.

If we don’t add anyone then got no choice but to persist with Hume


Its not a very good answer to ‘who could play left back apart from Hume’ though is it?
Apologies. I should have said nobody then. Early days but McLaughlin looks poor in his natural position so moving him across to LB isn't the answer and O'Nein shouldn't be anywhere near starting as a left back.