If Sunday goes well..

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by splorty, May 21, 2019.

  1. chuckyroll

    chuckyroll Striker

    Me, I'm just going to take it one day at a time..
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  2. kildaremackem

    kildaremackem Midfield

    they have a very good manager and didnt go up in one season..
    norwhich went from 14h to 1st in one season while selling their best players and reducingthe wage bill..
  3. gipetto

    gipetto Striker

    I know they didn't, but I don't believe they spent a lot of money over the two seasons they were in the championship.
  4. kildaremackem

    kildaremackem Midfield

    thats right-but it took them two-not one.
  5. Mboma

    Mboma Midfield

    It's going to take us a few seasons, possibly more depending on finding new investors and I'm alright with that.
    Teams are spending just as much in the championship as they would in the prem thanks to that parachute money and we just can't compete at those levels so we're going to have to be intelligent in our scouting and recruitment.

    Unless some mega rich Arab decides he wants us as the new Man City, I think the best thing we all can do is prepare for the long haul.

    Anything else would be a bonus.
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  6. Not sure how possible it is to build long term in the Championship. Lots of teams are coming down with parachute payments and others are losing their best players to premier league teams. Norwich finished mid table, sold their best player, spent next to nowt, then won the league. It's pretty unpredictable.
  7. safcmackem

    safcmackem Midfield

    IF we win the PO final i'd say aim for mid table then look to push on
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  8. John J Rambo

    John J Rambo Striker

    200m to get top 6 of championship? :lol:
  9. gipetto

    gipetto Striker

    I didn't say it took them one??

    My point still stands, they did well in their season back last season without splashing the cash and then went up this season. Fantastic effort.
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  10. redgauntlet

    redgauntlet Striker

    I thought it was Prem, apologies
  11. Gelan

    Gelan Subs Bench

    There exists this morning a similar thread on Charlton Life...is the Prem an ultimate goal? Now we have a discussion, for all we are all looking for is to share our lives by way of a common love, which is a simple parallel to our personal relationships and with that of our children and friends. In addition, the CL Mackems thread is full of respectful comments confirming what I posted earlier that we are indeed one big football family. Our Saturday get together with our team and our mates is our safety valve, win or lose a neccersary need has been fulfilled. For a hundred years this was our beautiful game, then sky came along and convinced you that if your team was not in the Prem you should hang your head in shame. There is no meaning to life as you cannot ask a question of maths, but there is a purpose "Love your fellow man and look after the planet that sustains you" Translated...whatever your passions, they are still your passions...do not let anyone tell you they have more life satisfaction because their club bought the league title. Division one with unity of club, players and fans gets my vote every time over Man City and the like.

    Don't be frightened of love and truth...they are the reasons for my equilibrium.

  12. BNM

    BNM Winger

    As long as we don't bankrupt the club (again!) in the process.
    Or in attempting to stay there.
    Cut our cloth accordingly.
  13. Gobuchul

    Gobuchul Goalkeeper

    It's a bit early to be on the glue already.
  14. splorty

    splorty Midfield

    Think you’re on the wrong forum fella.
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  15. Gelan

    Gelan Subs Bench

    I'm kind of universal so tend to fit on any forum :lol:
  16. splorty

    splorty Midfield

    Bit philosophical for the folk of the SMB
  17. riffraff

    riffraff Striker

    Hay man mods get this nonsense thread deleted.
  18. Comeback_Kenwyne

    Comeback_Kenwyne Central Defender

    No thanks.
  19. hank williams

    hank williams Striker

    Then champions league in two years time
  20. bassman

    bassman Subs Bench

    I think we'll need a good few seasons to build and establish the squad before we can even consider promotion to the Prem again, IF we get promotion that is...

    Money has definitely ruined top flight football, every Premier League player is a millionaire now due to the high wages but you can't deny the fact having 4 English teams in European cup finals is a bit special.
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