Ian Laws

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Touched many lives with his views on a club we all love.

A sad loss.

Thoughts go to his family and friends.

very sad news and his family are very much in my thoughts. probably read more inches of newsprint by ian laws there than any other journalist in the last how many years. rip mate.

Oswald Ballbag

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Just passed him the other day on his way to pick his kids up at school.

Awful news, and so tragic for his young family.

RIP mate.
41 ffs ? I'm going to spend some money today while I can

RIP fella, always seemed a very principled journalist, it must very easy to become the clubs mouthpiece in that role but he managed to keep the balance right

The Lads

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Very sad news,indeed - comes across as a real family man.

Always enjoyed reading him in the Shields Gazette.


Met Ian a good few years ago now when he helped me in my hour of need as a journo...became good friends and used to always see him on a Saturday night out around the town usually passing through the Borough. Always had time to talk about all things but mostly the lads. A true journo who kept everything in balance.

RIP Ian son, you will always be remembered in my thoughts.

Will someone post the details of his funeral when its sorted please..ta
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