I could get used to this


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2nd night off for me,back on tomorrow night ,never thought I'd say it thank god.been absolutely bored shitless day in the garden topping my tan up .


My wife loved working from home yesterday. Saved her two hours of travelling and she was able break off for quick lunch. I saw her chairing a meeting from bed. Interesting for me to find out what she does and see a side of her personality that is not so obvious away from work. Great to have her around, but it may not last as she might be called back for front line nursing duties when the crisis of care really kicks off.
I work in food logistics, working my way up from an order picker. My lass (no) seen me on a conference call on monday when I dialled in to the daily call and she told me she never actually realised the amount of food that goes out of distribution centres.

If you're all going to thank people, please add the fantastic people in all food distribution centres all over the world. Without these people (many on minimum wage), your supermarket shelves would be empty.

Big Jeff

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Rock stars all went to their islands and luxury yachts. If you don’t have either you are not a rock star you just play guitar.