I am a coward. Official.


I'm a councillor. We visit people all year round! Really winds me up when people say we only come round when we want a vote. There's 6000 houses to visit in my ward so it takes a while to get through them all.

Often when we knock doors far out from an election, people look at us baffled because there isn't an election and we're there: "leave me alone". But if we didn't, we'd be accused of not caring about their views. Can't win. :lol:
You might be more dedicated. Mine don't even reply to contact when you specifically ask them something, let alone pro-actively contact me. Absolutely rubbish.

Had our new councillor knock the door today, introducing herself (Mrs Kaur) asking about any problems we we're concerned about in the area, telling us how to get in touch etc.. She closed by asking if we voted for her at the last election.. I said yes, when I didn't. :oops:

But on a serious note, I was very impressed that a councillor would call like that, and cannot ever recall being visited after an election.
Soft cock.


Told my MP I was voting for his party but despite him not because of him the useless turd. Few years ago though, like my current MP.


always wondered what i would say if a Tory knocked on my door. one side of me would want to turn mildly violent and abusive but obvioulsy thats not on. wonder if would just say no thankyou and ask them to leave me alone, or try and engage them in a conversation, as i'm sure if they still had an ounce of dignity left inside of themselves i'd be able to win them over from the dark side and make them quite the party there and then on my doorstep. disgusting organisation, vile ideology, cruel policies. how they sleep at night is a mystery to me