I’ve been commissioned for a third season of chemotherapy

Discussion in 'SMB' started by foggy, May 14, 2019.

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    Yep, telt him someone called ‘raindog’ was calling for an update. Brilliant that, Ive shared the tale.:lol:
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  2. Thank you kind sir and all the best to you.I am well aware that I am far from alone in this.

    Being a perfect stranger sums it up. Those that I alluded to in my life who know me and know it’s me on here are not the very few I have met since my postings on here I hasten to add. It’s the anonymity that lets me let it all out. I’m no book writer, unless everything I did was around my drugged ramblings of life with cancer.

    Oh just one correction, I did have a nanosecond of victimhood.

    And the puppy requests. I’ll have a go at hoying some pics up.
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    Some of the best writing I've ever seen on here. Humbling and inspirational.

    Keep fighting and get it knacked mate
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    Is chemo like television in that it used to be a series rather than a season, just wondering if medication has gone all Americanised.
  5. This season business was one of my pet hates too but it went with the commissioning to the executives bit.

    There is no link with chemo. Well any sensible non analogy ones I can think of. I suppose I’m on my third round, where a round has a number of cycles. Or I’m in my third year. Or I’m overthinking this.
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    Keep fighting mate. Reading something like this certainly puts all our little gripes in to perspective (even our rubbish football team ;))
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  7. Keep fighting mate. Beautifully well written, as ever.
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    Probably the wrong thing to focus on but I suspect that’s up there as possibly both the best and worst pun ever on the SMB :lol:

    Good luck marra.
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  9. Gan on Foggy, marra, still have you odds-on for that telegram from Buck House. Queen Megan wishing you a happy 100th and a centrefold from her wedding night.
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    It's a humbling experience to read your posts Foggy keep up the fight lad. I feel a tit griping over the Kia Rio hire car I'm getting today off the insurers while my ute gets fixed.:oops:
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  11. Best wishes Foggy.
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    Life is truly worth fighting for - best of luck with it mate.
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    Its a bugger of a disease, get it beat foggy lad.
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    I was that man :oops:

    Honestly I dont know what to say thats not already been said Foggy. Really hope all goes well with this super Chemo, thats if you can call any chemo super as ive gathered it a proper knacker.. but as there's not much else on the table you have to give it s bash mate. Hope you get some remission time, so to get to make some memories with your daughter... god knows you deserve it mate.
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    Best wishes foggy - kick it’s friggin teeth out m8 x
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    Keep it up @foggy, you are as has already been said a massive inspiration with how you are handling the situation.
    MODS. Any chance of collating all of @Foggys rambling posts into one concise post so folks can read them all without having to search.
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    Absurdly well written and poignant. I hope I'll be able to carry myself with similar grace and intelligence should I find myself in the same situation one day.
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    Fingers crossed for you Foggy...:cool:
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  19. Thinking of you Foggy
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  20. I love him more xxx
    What a person just wish I read this at home and not at my work desk as dust all over.
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