I’m after some pictures for my netty

Discussion in 'Photography discussion' started by TheWanderer, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. TheWanderer

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    Got a good few pictures frames that I want to fill and hang in my downstairs netty.

    I’m wanting some black and white images of the local landmarks, penshaw monument, lighthouse etc. What’s the best place to get these without paying a fortune? Got about 8 frames to fill. Don’t mind taking any of your amateur shots, and I’ll make small charity donation for them.
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    Can you not just read a newspaper like most other folk man
  3. andy m

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    So just to clarify...you want someone who has taken some photos, at their own expense, to print and deliver said photos, at their own expense, to some random off the internet to stick up on his shitter wall...for nowt? Apart from an undisclosed fee to an undisclosed charity of your choice. Sounds a canny deal. :lol:;)
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  4. :lol:
  5. TheWanderer

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  6. max wartbug

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    How about this, local landmark, Seaham? and a local photographer.
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