Hyundai i10

Discussion in 'SMB' started by IAmZlatan, Jan 11, 2015.

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  1. longtimelurker

    longtimelurker Striker

    What a load of autoshite. ;)
  2. The Voice Of Reason

    The Voice Of Reason Striker Staff Member Contributor

    Daughter ( no) has one great little run around
  3. Be careful not to get high and die...
  4. Sir Lancelot

    Sir Lancelot Winger

    My daughter has an i10 1.2. She loves the car and it's a neat size for getting around in town. It doesn't like hills and the acceleration from 0-60 is about three weeks! But if you are just knocking around in town I can't see anything better for the money.
  5. PTR

    PTR Striker

    To be fair, it was Top Gear who put us onto it. From there, we just struck the best deal we could, which happened to be on the C1.

    If it wasn't for the depreciation, these Hyndias and Kias would be great buys.
    Fantastic warranties, too.
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  6. makum102

    makum102 Winger

    Wrang like...

    True. But the amount of miles I put on my cars in a short space of time means they are all worth jack shit regardless of the make or mark.
  7. bennett83

    bennett83 Striker

    ceeds are surprisingly good like. Ive done 80k in my company car in 16mths and it has needed nothing but wear and tear and a bulb
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  8. longtimelurker

    longtimelurker Striker

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  9. makum102

    makum102 Winger

    Who did you assume I am like?

    Ah.. Autoshite! Penny's dropped. Yes thats me ;)
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  10. longtimelurker

    longtimelurker Striker

    Haha thought it had to be you!
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  11. makum102

    makum102 Winger

    Finally got the logbook through just this week. 6 flippin months later!
  12. longtimelurker

    longtimelurker Striker

    You bought @Live In Hope's Lambo from Gumtree, like?
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  13. ontap

    ontap Striker

    I have the 106 , its cheap as said but quite noisy , daughter has the I10 , much better.

    Am i right in saying the 500 is only 3 door jane ?
    We have grandkids to haul about so we had to have a 5 door.

  14. Yeah it's 3 door though they do a 500L which is 5 door.
  15. Live In Hope

    Live In Hope Winger

    Wish somebody would :lol:
  16. longtimelurker

    longtimelurker Striker

    You've spelt it wrang, man.
    I am sure that is the only* reason a Lamborghini hasn't selt on Gumtree. :lol:
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  17. lurker

    lurker Striker

    This, any of these three will cost less to run, and hold their value much better than a hyundai.

    Toyota engines in them all so very reliable
  18. PTR

    PTR Striker

    Not just toyota engines, the entire car is made from toyota parts, by toyota people. IIRC, the seats are made by Citroen.
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  19. lurker

    lurker Striker

    In the Czech Republic
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