Hunted (Channel 4) - 2020 series


When the hunters go knocking on family/friends doors have they got to let them in?
They are search the house and the parents/friends phones for messages.

Always some member of the public willing to grass the ones trying to stay off the radar.


Peter bleksley?He quit the show after viewers said it was impossible for contestants to escape.Wrote a decent book on his life as an undercover officer in the met.
Aye the final escape bit is a huge load of nonsense, what was it last year? They had to ring a phone number (that the hunters had a trace on already so as soon as the call came they had a location) 24h before

Only seen the first couple episodes of this years


I'm sure its made by the same people that made The Heist on Sky One.

The Heist is much better and a little bit more believable but Hunted is still a decent watch not requiring much concentration
Both canny shows ,we like them because you can take the piss out of it and them
I love it. Anyone who moans about them being seen on cctv or handing over phones to let the hunters look a them are looking too in depth at things. It's a telly show with a cash prize at the end.


Anyone watching Heist at 9 tonight, by the looks of the last episode there in Shields tonight.