Human remains found on Roker Beach

After posting a photo of police investigating on the beach, comments on the SGM page facebook responded with ridicule, which upset the family in question, and after comments were disabled they asked to condemn this behaviour.

The family had confirmed privately that the remains are “high likely” to be of their son are who sadly taken his own life on the bridge and who’s body was never found in the aftermath.

The family don't find it funny like..
It was just one those false ones that you hang out the boot of your car. Looking for the boot it belongs to now.
The family don't find it funny like..
It should have remained at "Human Remains" found. As soon as you mention the actual body part, the jokes start. That's why sites like SGM do this. It starts getting hits and the all important "traffic" to the site, which generates income. Sad but true. They'll say they are just reporting the facts.