Huge child abuse forum taken down by German Police apparently


I've said before a Paedo is a paedo
People get all upset about " gangs" ,mostly a certain race
They are just better organised
I think we already know we can't put the cap back on the bottle for stuff to be shared


It's the numbers that scare me. You look around in public and assume that nobody gets involved in this stuff apart from the odd weirdo but for one site to generate that much traffic makes you wonder what the world would be like for our kids if this stuff went unchecked.
I read a report (I’ll find the link after work) where someone was trying to justify this type of thing being legal as it breaks the black market up.
even that worries the fuck outta me, who thinks that’s ok?


I’ve been listening to the bad people podcast lately on bbc sounds and this subject is on one of the episodes (episode 9). It’s just truly awful what some people will do (would warn people of the content In that episode as it’s a difficult listen should you choose to listen to it), but the most worrying take aways from it were that the majority of people who have such fantasies/attraction don’t act upon on it and Secondly that the most likely offender is a male family member.

Also that some of the people who abuse children aren’t actually paedophiles but are in fact sexual offenders (rapists) ie they aren’t necessarily attracted to the child just that they have the ability to control or use force to get what they want.😢


I somehow doubt that they used their real names on the forum!
There's more than likely links on there to paid sites, as sickening as it is. IP addresses can be followed, even those using VPNs if the urgency is there (which it certainly is in this case), but there'll be a percentage of those users who use bank and credit cards to access these paid sites. Those can be found quickly. It's not just the forum itself, it's finding the start of a thread you can start to pull at.

Lad I used to kick around with on Rock nights in the town was in the paper a few months back after being caught on one of these forums. Had actually been under investigation for a couple of years prior but everyone involved were told not to talk about it as it could damage the investigation. I'd bet these sites haven't just been found and have been monitored for quite some time now.
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