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HS2, wheels in motion...

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Moyes and the Boys, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. daveydavey

    daveydavey Striker

    There'll be a lot of people make a lot of money out of this. Rail engineers on contract are taking home £400-450 per day without being in management roles...the shortage of OLE (overhead line electrification) engineers will mean amongst HS2, cross rail and other electrification programmes engineers will soon be earning £550/600 per day

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  2. andy

    andy Winger

    It's not improving the rail network though.Its a new network to shave a few mins off a journey to London from Birmingham.A massive vanity project.The money should be used to actually improve the current network.We are told it's going to free up space on the existing network but as you said it is going to use existing lines to Newcastle,Liverpool etc.So it's not freeing anything up it's actually adding to it.
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  3. gazc24

    gazc24 Winger

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  4. tunstallhill

    tunstallhill Striker

    I believe it's not just a vanity project, or to serve the businessmen of London and Birmingham a few minutes quicker route, I think it's a massive project designed to take billions of pounds out of public money and into the pockets of fat cats, shareholders, and crooked politicians and there equally as crooked friends. It's a scam from top to bottom. It's not even going to link Leeds to Manchester.
  5. HS2 is brilliant? for whom?

    It stops at York.

    Of course it would be brilliant. When the Eurostars were ordered and built, four were for the North East coast route. Where are they? Serving the South East.

    North East England is a write off for transport. Where is our three lane motorway? Where are our trains? Our local routes and the horrible, filthy, unreliable rolling stock say it all.

    The British (English) government is turning us into a communications desert.

    Spot on.

    I can travel from my French home (200km above Toulouse, a distance to Brussels of 850 km), first class return at peak times for 172 EUR return to Brussels Midi, with free good, proper meals served at the table. Oh, and the trains are on time.

    God knows where the UK ticket money goes, but it is not on service, quality or reliability. Probably on pandering to users in the South East. They never stop bleating, but their services are far better than ours.

    Depends where you live.
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  6. Right like currently freight trains run on Sunday.
    Invest in the current infrastructure at a fraction of the cost and you wouldn't need HS2. Links to the main Country Airport couldn't even get that right.
    The cost already is out of control and it's not even started.
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  7. Goldeneye

    Goldeneye Central Defender

    HS2 isnt about speed it is about capacity- the ECML is almost full south of Doncaster and the WCML is full south of Birmingham. Something has to be done. Significant capacity gains cant be made anymore without closing the lines for lengthy periods it is more cost effective now to build a new line.
    I agree though i would rather it was invested in the local network reversing the Beeching Cuts would be the best thing the government could do it is one of the most damaging acts done by a government. Reopen the Great Central Line which follows HS2s path closely and was purpose built for high speed. That was corrupt as the Transport Minister Marples who commisioned the report had shares in a contruction company that built motorways.
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  8. That will undoubtedly be the result. It is the habitude for National projects in these islands.

    But of course this is not a national project. What about ...
    The South West of England
    ... etc

    .. until, of course the question of who pays for it arises. If it ever does. Then it will be national.
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  9. Hoon

    Hoon Midfield

    Can't wait to get from the north east to Liverpool, Manchester, Manchester Airport, Leeds & West Yorkshire approximately no quicker than I can already. Viva la Powerhouse.
  10. SPUFF

    SPUFF Striker

    Yup. Still cant go to a midweek home game n get a train or bus home to 19 mile away Hartlepool. Backward.
  11. I'd have liked to have seen high speed hovercraft on canals as well as bullet trains using the existing colliery tunnel infrastructure. Herrington to easington in -5 minutes.
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  12. andy

    andy Winger

    At least you are not one of those dirty gets who shite in the lift.
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  13. Spot on. God help them if they had to endure the service levels of the Tyne & Wear Metro. Or even worse, Pacer trains!
  14. Goldeneye

    Goldeneye Central Defender

    That cant be denied and i do support HS2 in principle. I always laugh when politicians in Britain bang on about about world class infrastructure the roads and railways are falling apart. Yet in France and Germany they can do it properly the TGV, ICE and motorways are world class and not pothole ridden. Something has gone badly wrong in the UK.
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  15. I have always suspected that the Pacer trains were named as a warning of the heart medical treatment we need after a trip in one.
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  16. You poor buggers have to sit on green and white striped sweets????

    Too many greedy fuckers and a lack of visionary pioneers like Brunel, Stevenson, Telford etc.
  17. Political expediency and financial dishonesty. The slobbering greed of the "City" in London and the need for lives in the South East to be comfortable ... at the expense of the rest of us.

    Makes me puke.
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  18. andy

    andy Winger

    It really isn't needed.
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  19. Goldeneye

    Goldeneye Central Defender

    Another one of Thatchers legacies unfortuanately a lot of things-nuclear power, construction, railways etc we were pioneers yet privatisation has seen us lose those world class skills. Now we are paying governments abroad through the nose to build and operate our infrastructure as our government is ideologically committed to privatisation. We have become hollowed out economically as a country and the majority poorer for it.

    Northern Poorhouse isnt it?
  20. The French would strike, block stations, disable trains in various ways. For example disabling level crossings and signals in Stations where the waiting train drivers could see it had been done before the driver should restart his journey, so no danger.

    They would blockade stations, making it impossible for passengers to board trains, and so on.

    We should. Safely, but effectively.

    Sadly, yes. And that is just about to get worse.

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