How much per month do you need to live?

Dave Herbal

Fuck me herbs - using your categories and this is for 4 of us

400 mortgage
90 gas and leccy
90 car and fuel (ATM)
0 council tax
15 water
0 tv licence
20 phones
9 broadband and TV
150 insurance (all ins)
0 prescriptions
0 contact lenses
400 food
350 kids nursery/school fees

I'm coming in at 300quid plus less than you and that's a family of 4
You live abroad where it’s cheap 🤷‍♂️
There’s also 3 of us
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Band C in peterlee is about £2000. Then if you're working on the old paying over 10 months, then it's £200pm with 2 free

I never get the whole paying over 10 months thing, if I pay mind up front, does that mean I can say I pay £2000 per month with 11 'free' months.