How much do you spend on hobbies?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by the boot, Dec 5, 2018.

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    I have always found it to be killer bait and not much required used it with mussel, razor-fish, spratlings, and lug. Amazing with most fish for some reason, mind a bootie mate of mine told me to try boilies for bass and I thought he was taking the

    piss, tried it and worked, seems it is local to the area he told me to try mind. They still love the peeler crab as bait up in the Northern waters?
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    Haha , after a 20yr break , my grandkids have got me fishing again , was heavily into match fishing back in the day , won a lot of open matches , fished div1 nationals winter league semis etc , now its a whole new world with these commercial fisheries , am catching more in a single session than i would catch in a whole season. Dunno whether i will get back into matches or not , at least am not going out in this shit weather pleasure fishing , managed to find a decent second hand pole for £500 , bargain , add all the rest ( poles,rods,reels,boxes. for grandkids)and I have spent a fortune last 3 months, xmas present sorted , my daughters are buying me that "Gizmo ZT Hooktyer) the new light one £55.

    wow thats some bike .
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    Got very little crab as well. Not very
    ‘Utrinique paratus’
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