How much data do you need?

I regularly go through 20gb and that's with minimal streaming.. if you are going to stream netflix etc quite a bit I'd look for an unlimited deal


Smarty piggybacks on Three. I always get good 4g Three reception when in London.
thanks that is super helpful

I told him it was a bad idea to come to London now but he was adamant, so just trying to help him out as much as I can :)


Im on this and use less than 30. Great network coverage too
They are very clever with the pricing.

So daughter gets 30gb for a tenner. She currently has 21gb for the rest of the month and could drop down but the other offers are 1gb (£6), 2gb (£7) and 3gb (£8) so they aren't suitable and even if they were you are not saving much. Then they have 50gb for 15 and unlimited for 20.

She (well me) gets a free month if Cats brother follows that link :)