How is Stephen Hawking still alive?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by ProfessionalMackem, May 30, 2017.

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    @ProfessionalMackem Watch this from 5m 30secs (its on about SH for a few mins), he must be truly convinced to do that.
  2. Just what we've been saying on here marra. He's not a scientist anymore just a prop and a fear-monger. That isn't Stephen Hawking
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    I know, its Stephen Hawking.
  4. Jesus Christ, there's some fucking imbeciles on this board
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    I dont think he is an alien but does seem something dodgy going on.
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  6. Fuck mate. How many times do I have to say to you not to talk in the mirror?
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    Just re-read this thread, another SMB classic.

    The timing of the Davros pic :lol:

    Lego Stephen Hawking :lol:

    Lings Cars :lol:
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    Could young Hawking qualify for robot wars??
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    Same here, first time I've seen this thread and scrolling down that bit was "that's a well put across point........ jesus Christ man"
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    There was a book from an American doctor about various patients including ALS and MND sufferers and he said they could normally be kept alive a lot longer with artificial aids but most choose not to as they don’t want to live in such a state - with the will and the technology you can be kept alive a fair bit longer if you so choose it, personally I would state that once I can’t breathe for myself then I would give up
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    Special Moon Water.
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  15. A prop :lol::lol:
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    It sounds crazy but you never know but surely the people who know him like his ex wife etc would be able to confirm if its him or not.
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  17. From a position of unimpeachable expertise on the subject, no doubt
  18. :lol::lol:

    He's just a mouth piece now man for the new world order.

    I'm more interested in heavy earth water atm bud. Care to talk about how and why a terrorist state acquired some from us?

    Fuck. Didn't know they read this place.

    So maths is wrong in yours and Cockley Cockneymackems world?

    Yup. Stop being a playa hata

    I don't fit well in that study. Sorry to disappoint
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