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Discussion in 'SMB' started by LondonBlackCat, Aug 10, 2018.

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    :lol: skol, asda smart price,boddingtons :eek::eek::eek: I only drink low % , used to be a alchy and some the stuff i used to down in one at 6am was rankkkk
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  2. Banjo

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    A cash transaction reportedly. Can’t see the fat twat using his own money like!
  3. Fair enough like
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  5. ozz

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    I honestly dont even think he is a twat- i reckon socially out on the sauce he would be ok- unbelievable to think that a barrow boy working the markets 25 years ago now owns a premier league club ( shit) and the House of Fraser and many former blue chip brands.
  6. zwartekat

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    I think Fenwicks only own 9 stores and half of them were only opened in the last 40 years so they probably work from a fairly different business model to the bigger Dept store brands.
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  8. ravydavygravy

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    "I'm going to Fenwick"

    Said nee one, ever.
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  9. zwartekat

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    Pronounced eff off. :lol::lol:
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  10. dangermows

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    I do. Cos that's what it's called. Same as I go to Tesco.
  11. box2box

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    Fenwicks own all their shops I think, but their online offer is 20 years behind

    Decent shop though
  12. Another one opening up next to the Howard arms, that’s there within 100m of each other.
    I’m old school, still gan to Davey k’s in Southwickistan
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  13. peil

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    Plot twist, there's one opened up near me with a sign above the door clearly calling themselves "Kurdish Barbers"

    I'm waiting on a full scale war with clippers and smelly aftershave at some point
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    Just ordered a lovely Lonsdale dinner set
  15. den

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    £90 million for a company which employs 16,000 people, still cheaper than one top class footballer.

    The world has gone mad
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  16. Bladecat

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    He should have spent it on "Wor Faymus Number 9"
  17. S.S.R..

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    You battle through traffic, search for a parking space, traipse to the shops trying not to trip over the dozens of beggars that line the streets and find fuck all there and what you do like, they don't have your size. You go back to you car, pay the £££ for parking and brave the traffic returning home. Bravo, you've wasted about 3hrs of your precious time off work for fuck all.

    No wonder folk shop online.
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  18. yamar1

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    He actually is. The thick fuckers just dint realise.
  19. zwartekat

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    Know what you mean. Sometimes wonder why we even get up in a morning. :lol::lol:
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  20. S.S.R..

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