Hospital parking charges for staff

Discussion in 'SMB' started by MarcoGoalo, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. Lexingtongue

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    You're working me to the bone for little pay, expecting more from me year on year, demand unsociable hours, you don't provide me free parking, then fine me obscene sums? Disgusting. Find people who sides with employers on this issue totally baffling.
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  2. the dude

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    Scottish hospitals were better when you had to pay. Now it's free but only for four hours so you can't park all day even if you wanted to. If your in having an operation or something you need a letter from the department to display on your dash.
  3. Charlestonian

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    Agreed 100%, I would pay double when I have to go if that money was going to the NHS but it's a disgrace the health service gets no benefit from the charges.
  4. Who actually owns the land?
  5. Tin hat on but would it work out less expensive to park on or in front of a residential driveway near to the hospital?

    My civil law isn't up to scratch but the house owner could get done for vandalism if they damage your car.

    As far as I know it's not illegal to block a driveway if a car isn't already parked on it. But it is illegal to block a car on a driveway.
  6. Lexingtongue

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    I've no idea. I still believe they should be allowed to park for free or have additional money factored into their pay to help them.

    I didn't know this. Why make them pay car parks at all if the NHS is not benefiting? Makes the story all the worse in my opinion.
  7. If it's not the employer (NHS) that owns it then they can't dictate prices.
  8. Lexingtongue

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    @Frijj Can you fill us in a bit more on this? ;)

    Are the car parks not actually owned by the NHS? Or have the government sold them off?
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  9. Le Chuck

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    My guess would be that the nhs own them but have outsourced the running of them
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  10. They should go,straight to Mrs May and embrass her into dropping the charges
  11. Lexingtongue

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    Why though? If they aren't making money for themselves it seems a stupid thing to do?
  12. No idea. That's what I asked :lol:
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  13. Le Chuck

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    They'll still make money as they private company will either pay a fee to be allowed to operate them or split the proceeds with nhs. Its the admin side which someone with loads of car parks could do more efficiently. Dont forget the council made a few losses on their car parks in recent years.
  14. Mackem00

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    Unsociable hours workers should definitely get use of free parking imo. It's crap that any of us have to pay mind.

    Shouldn't be driving after an operation tbf mind. ;)
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  15. Especially if it was a double foot amputation
  16. Geronimo

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    Most people struggle to get parked when they drive to work. Hospital workers or not !
  17. becs

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    No they're owned by private companies.

    So you end up in situations where you're delayed in the hospital because your Dad is distressed and you're trying to calm him back down again but secretly you're panicking about getting back to the car before the ticket runs out :neutral:
  18. Thread title reminded me of this

  19. MarcoGoalo

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    Don't you just pay the extra amount when leaving ?

    I've always done that and had no issues.
  20. Mackem00

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    The trust gets a fair bit of money from parking like. Goes back into the estates and facilities coffers usually.

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