Hospital parking charges for staff

Discussion in 'SMB' started by MarcoGoalo, Jul 17, 2017.

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    Somebody actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a little note on the windscreen, it said 'Parking Fine.'
  3. 200 others

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    piss take that mind
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  4. How exactly were they hoping to win this case?
  5. Mantobar

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    Not sure what they crying about tbh
  6. becs

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    I feel for them struggling to get parked at work, but on the flip side, it was a nightmare getting parked to go and visit my Dad in the Royal before they built the multistory.
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  7. Frijj

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    Disgraceful that they have to pay to park where they work ffs. Absolutely disgraceful.

    Whoever implemented parking fines for hospitals? Was it Blair or was it Brown? Dreadful decision, one which the Coalition, Cameron or May should really have repealed.
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  8. I think they should have parking for staff and it should be free. What I have little sympathy for is how they've gone about it
  9. My only sympathy goes to those staff who's shifts start and finish outside of public transport times. I'd love to get public transport to work, I'd save 1000s every year.
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  10. Randy Ostrich

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    Iirc it's not the charge that was the issue, it was that the staff car park was so small they had to park elsewhere on the site, hence incurring the fines.
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    You would? Public transport is expensive as fuck. £6 from Crook to Durham, it's 9 miles.

    I'd tell the private firm to fucking do one myself, no doubt they'll be some champions of the private sector to stick up for them on here.

    Fuck them. Fuck them all.
  12. Goldeneye

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    They arent fines theyre invoices as it is a private company. The whole private parking system needs looking at the people behind them are cowboys and use intimidatory tactics to bully people into paying.
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    My work don't subsidise or provide parking for me, nor would I expect them to.
  14. cosmicchris00

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    Those miserable failed nightclub door staff that run that company need to be subjected to some alternative justice.

    Some kind of Internet campaign that runs their company into the ground may be required to teach them a lesson or two about living in a decent society.

    As for the governors of the NHS trust, they should be publicly flogged.
  15. Depreciation of your car, tax, insurance, fuel, services, fixes......... quids in with public transport
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  16. The Butcher

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    These parking companies are sharks man, disgrace thst nurses, cleaners etc have to pay £30-40 a month to park. Shame they dont work in a Scottish hospital. Also a disgrace they use these sharks to chase people down for parking fees by the minute.
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  18. sidneyeric

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    Everyone affected should up and go work somewhere else.
  19. Idiots!

    Not everyone has a parking space at work, never mind a free parking space. Find an alternative, pay the going rate or get a new job.

    Their employer should make sure safe travel arrangements are in place for night workers though.
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    This. I parked at the private one at Durham a couple of months ago as the main one was full. All three ticket machines were out of order and I was going in for an operation so a bit flustered. I left a note, checked again when I got back out, nowt on windscreen.

    10 weeks later I get a 'parking charge' with pictures of my car , £90 or £45 if I pay now. Normally I might have ignored it and let them bring it on, but I've got enough on without a bunch of sharks chasing me and threatening court so I paid up.

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