Horrific. 17 year old girl stabbed to death

Discussion in 'SMB' started by ShieldsGreggs4, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. ShieldsGreggs4

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    Girl, 17, stabbed to death in London

    Another heartbreaking event occurring in the capital. Every day we hear of these revolting events. Can’t imagine how her family feels right now. Some horrible people out there, down in London more than most places atm.

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  2. Reiver

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    Some young people, in London, seem to have followed a script called, "How to speak, act and think like American street gangs".

    It's pathetic, like they've been brainwashed into deliberately removing their own identity and replacing it with something they've seen on TV.

    The way they talk, behave and dress and behave, as well as the music they listen to, is so restricted it's cringing to witness.

    They're sad copycats endlessly bleating on about respect yet seemingly without any self respect.

    Sadly, it will only become worse imo and I've no idea if this incident is gang related, just saying.
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  3. errant

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    The op is a very bizarre wum...
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  4. Wilfy

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    Trying too hard to get likes from an appalling situation.
  5. Caer_Urfa

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    London has become a hellhole
  6. Dinsdale

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    I was about to say wait until he utilises his other login for backup, but I can see I'm too late.
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  7. kossoff

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    And his little buddy @Caer_Urfa has arrived to give them. Wums.
  8. dangermows

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    And still some people keep taking the two sheels lads London threads seriously :lol:
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  9. Same person surely. Bit of a weirdo.
  10. zwartekat

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    They're not funny.
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  11. Caer_Urfa

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    People still have they head in the sand about how horrible London has become. Instead focusing their attention on labelling the OP a WUM. He has once again supplied a link to which another young. person has been tragically murdered in London. Very strange for people to ignore that.

    London is a scary, horrible place. That isn't opinion, that is a fact.
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  12. LD19SAFC

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    Brutal. What a horrible place London is turning into.
  13. dangermows

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    Love London me :cool:
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  14. Caer_Urfa

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    agreed mate, good post.
  15. Have a like
  16. Teed

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    They have Reiv and like you say, it's only going to get worse, the message in most of the shite they watch and listen too and the games they play, is violence, the young mind is very susceptible to this type of bombardment.
  17. Reiver

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    I went to London, on Tuesday, for the RAF flypast and a concert in Somerset House.

    We went on the river cruise and the London Eye just like proper tourists .... the whole day was wonderful.

    But I have London born friends who've moved out because of the way it's become and it's easy to see why.

    Ironically newcomers will defend the place to the death and refute all criticism, like 'city evangelists'.

    It's an interesting place to visit but it's too transient and vacuous to have any real soul imo.
  18. errant

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    I think that’s the point of your dual wum status...

    It’s like he has beef with the SAFC London Branch?
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  19. offmenut

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    Went to London about 15 times the last 12 months. Was there last Thursday and Friday boozing and watching Run DMC in Hammersmith.
    Often take my 14/12 yr old kids.
    Have never ever been scared (except when waiting for the barmaid to tell me how much a pint of peroni is).
    We walk everywhere , and I think it’s far from horrible - probably the most beautiful (architectural speaking) city in the uk
  20. MackneyHackem

    MackneyHackem Midfield

    A lad was just saying the same thing about Sunderland on the London Message Board actually.
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