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  1. TheWanderer

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    I found out from this thread that he gets killed off, I had thought he was the main character before watching it, not realised he was a 'baddy', but then that had me thinking how the fuck can they string that story about her trying to prove he's been turned for all those series.

    Ah, anyways, watched 4 last night and hooked already, which takes some with my attention span.
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  2. FootballFan

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    First season good. Rest utter crap.
  3. Sleepy

    Sleepy Striker

    New series starts week on Monday!
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  4. mickb2112

    mickb2112 Winger

    My thoughts exactly.
  5. Dagzd1973

    Dagzd1973 Midfield

    Is Brody back yet? ;)
  6. After series 3 it became gash, gave up after series 4 or 5, fuck nars.

    Give it a miss.
  7. Sleepy

    Sleepy Striker

    Not sure, haven't got the proper copies on my shitty Kodi, gutted! :(:lol:

    Enjoyed the lot - one of the few series' I've been able to stick with, usually get bored!
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  8. Dagzd1973

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    Is it too blurry to see with those 480p SD streams like or can you just not find a working link? :cool:
  9. Sleepy

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    Both, it's a nightmare man!

    But of course, we both kna it'll be proper 1080p DD5.1 rips, H264 or H265, same ones that fly out from the release sites :cool:

    Unless you dont use a debrid service, then fuck knas what will come out!
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  10. rocky

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    I got bored of it and gave up midway through the 2nd series
  11. kossoff

    kossoff Winger

    Anyone seen the latest one?
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  12. what channel is it on?
  13. kossoff

    kossoff Winger

    EZTV.Ag :lol::lol:
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  14. niceonemarra

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    Get in season 7 has started, thanks for bumping this - ill watch it tonight.
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  15. gizmoganzee

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    Might not get to watch tonight but soon! Get in!!
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  16. Normal TV, is it still on C4?
  17. kossoff

    kossoff Winger

    I don't know, I don't have normal TV.

    Check the interwebs.
  18. martinlumley

    martinlumley Striker

    Ch4, starts next sunday.
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  19. niceonemarra

    niceonemarra Winger

    Just booted kodi up and its on there.

    Seen it.

    Very engrossing. Loved it.
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  20. alexander

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    About to watch the first episode. Looking forward to it. Series six was a bit of a walk in the desert for the first many episodes for me but picked up nicely near the end. Danish telly kicks off the new series next Tuesday but Swedish telly kicked of the new series Monday night and is repeating the first episode tonight.

    The first six series are all on Netflix if anyone wants to catch up.
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