Homebrewing - Part 3

Discussion in 'SMB' started by jubblies, Nov 19, 2012.

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    Chunky heavy plastic one I got on amazon. Have seen similar in Wilko. Canny.
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  3. How easy is wine making? Are the beginner kits any good?
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    Easy mate. Kits are hitty missy. I just use 100% fruit juice.
    Or fruit.

    Loads on YouTube from the easy to the hard. I’m sort of middle of the road
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  5. We have an Elder tree. Ower lass did some cordial last year and we are going to have a go at cider and possibly wine this year
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    Nice. My mate did an elderberry wine last year. Tip- if you like dry wine use a champagne yeast.

    When using fruit you have to bottle it after the fermenting/clearing process and wait a year for it to mature. So next year you bottle it and drink the stuff you have. I did gooseberry and it was rank for 11 month. Lovely now
    I got that tip from here. Wilfy is the boy like.
    I use fruit juice and it’s bottked in three weeks and ready to drink a month later. You should be growing grapes down there too.
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  7. Looking at a poly tunnel but she’s not keen. Walking through saltash late last summer and there were kiwi fruit growing in a garden

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    One jealous bloke here. I have a vine growing outside. You could grown outside down there I bet. Mine just gets miracle grown to death.
  9. Champion cheers. Gives me something to look into
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  11. [​IMG] About 20 metres from each other
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    Got an IPA mashing now. Might see if I can find time to do another couple of brews during the week.
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  13. I’ve got an extract kit that I might put on today. Supposed to be similar to Landlord.

    Thinking of getting an all in one system so I can do proper full batches of all grain.
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    That’s my plan too. It’s first week of school hols so the days we don’t plan to do much I’ll get a brew on.

    I have a Brut IPA fermenting, having ingredients for a Belma SMaSH and then taking delivery of GEB/CML orders for my next 4 brews (including my first “proper”lager). That’ll probably leave me with enough grain for a “user upper” brew and I’ll choose the yeast and hops when I’m ready to do it and know what I have left.
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    I’m on gardening leave so might as well use the time. Thinking of doing a citra smash with a load of mango pulp added to secondary. You’ll have to let me know how the Brut turns out, it’s something that interests me.

    Pleased with the colour after the mash.

    Canny bargain on eBay at the minute.

    20 Litre Speidel Braumeister | eBay
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    what would that be and where do I get one? Love landlord me like.
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    I’ve been intrigued by them for a whil, but the only commercial one I’ve ever had didn’t taste very dry and was quite bitter - it could have just been any old late-hopped IPA.

    My brewing one came about by accident really - I thought I’d cooked a mash a while back so bought some enzyme but didn’t need it, then took a trip to Brewstore in Edinburgh after a training course and picked up 200g of cheap Australian/NZ hops - I already hap some Waimea to use so decided an Australasian Brut IPA was a good idea.
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    Those kits are a canny way to move up from kit brewing, to extract brewing. You don't even need to be able to boil the full 23L, just a ~8L large saucepan on the hob will do the job, and the 15L of cold from the tap sorts out most of the cooling too.

    Once you crack those, its literally nothing to start designing your own beer!
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