Holidaying abroad this year

Thinking about there for future, to tie in a holiday and get out on book. Is andratx any good?
port andratx very pleasant , only about 30- 35 mins from Palma, seems to be bit more up market than others on island ( place for more mature crowd :D ), harbour area very nice, lots of restaurants ( nee pub type things ) . Beaches nearby eg sant elm just few miles away and that place in itself is really nice. Lots of Germans around in PA ( Klopp was there in summer )


Off to Murcia tomorrow had a reet panic on yesterday as I'm only double jabbed and need booster to get into Spain ok 🙈 Managed to get one sorted this afternoon in Wallsend As soon as receive your booster, you are considered fully vaccinated with immediate effect.Thank God
in newcastle airport now, it's canny chocka.
walked out for a vape earlier and there's hardly a spare seat in the bar.
spotted 2 mag tops & a liverpool one.
it's a great place to people watch. lass in front at security with those sackless lips must've had a dozen different potions & lotions tipped out of her bag and another who thinks it's perfectly acceptable to run and barge in front will have a swollen ankle.
aaaand relax.
off to portugal & it's a lot more enjoyable going by bike/boat.


We are in Gatwick and it’s lively due to flights being cancelled yesterday according to the security chaps. Took about 25 minutes to clear everything