Hitman 3


Never used my brain so much trying to play a game man, have to really think about what you are doing
Tell me about it, really struggling with Berlin currently :lol: don't give me any hints though.
Nevermind, eventually got through it.
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Berlin once you've finished it and go back through I'd one of the best Hitman missions of all time.


Just finished the Berlin mission, only took me an hour to get out of the friggin nightclub 😂😂 loved blasting everyone with my shotgun on the dancefloor like 😂😂.

The Dartmoor one was canny, I stumbled on the old bird by mistake and instead of my gun I hoyed the unicorn horn yet again by mistake and got her right between the eyes 😂 took me ages to find the code to retrieve the file, was looking at the wrang clock, was even blasting the grandfather clock to see if it was inside! Of course it was on the mantle clock 😂 i am nee good at these games man
Been playing it on PSVR. Graphics are dated but the sense of immersion is class like especially when you walk into the club in Berlin.


Even though 2 was released all in one go I played it like I did the first in the episodic manner and gave myself a month on a single level to play through and do all the challenges and mastery then moved onto the next.

Downloaded 3 last month and didnt manage to get half of Dubai done because I found it so dull, absolutely my least favourite level of all 3 games thus far. Started Dartmoor last night and wow its blown me away. The murder mystery is brilliant, probably the most fun ive had on a game for a long time. The mood and setting is fantastic too.


when I've played I've never had the patience to play it like it's intended, I just end up going mental with a gun and changing disguises until no one's left