Hit the North festival

Boot Cleaner

I was fuming yesterday 😂

Drank in Sunderland and went through to Newcastle at 3.... Then found out from some random lad in the dog and parrot, so was back in Sunderland by 6...


Hope everyone get's refunds. According to the T&C's the festival has to be fully cancelled for a refund but no idea how you can justify the amount of changes yesterday as the festival "going ahead" - think only 3 venues ran judging by comments on twitter.

From this...

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To this...

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Roker End Flags
I was only really arsed about social room, the Ks and DMA's but obviously hoped to come across some hidden (or not so hidden) gems to follow. Went to the match then through to the DMA's after the rest dropped out. I had a ticket for the festival whilst a mate had a ticket for both festival and DMAs but didn't fancy it so I took his DMA's queue jump. Walked straight in about 8pm. Anyone have any issues getting in?

Gig was absolutely tremendous I thought. Although the act on before DMA's was bizarre and the total opposite of the DMA's. The DJ on beforehand cut Stone Roses half way through as the crowd were going for it which was also bizarre 😂

In other news, I f***ing hate Newcastle. Everything is a reet fuck on. Dafties everywhere. Bumped into a Hibs fan chanting Newcastle songs at us thinking we'd join in. Obviously told him to do one. Couldn't wait to get out and go home. 😂