Hire car v test drive?

Testing is cheaper, but you’ll have to deal with the sales pitch, and have less control over the availability of the car.

In the past few weeks I’ve had one test drive cancelled as the previous person didn’t return the car, and one test drive changed since the car I wanted to try wasn’t available.

Last thing you want is a last minute hitch cancelling your ‘test drive’ leaving you without a car at all.

Goat Eyes

The right thing to do is hire a car for a day.

The garage has to pay for that car and it’s a sales tool, not for people to use as they want.

Frijj makes some good points plus not all manufacturers offer a 24 hour test drive and even if they do they’ll be unhappy if you whack loads of miles on it.

Goat Eyes

They gave me a brand new S class S350 AMG line as a courtesy car last week. Absolutely loaded with gadgets, but flat as a fart.
I got an A Class the bastards. :lol:

Just got a new car Friday though so wasn’t too disheartened.