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    last time i did Penyghent it was a horrible boggy mess ( it was about 9 years ago mind) have they shored up the footpaths now?
  3. Pete

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    All depends on your head for heights, some people are bothered some aren't. Personally I am, I was wobbly on Sharp Edge but Halls Fell ridge was ok, no exposure just a steep scramble at times
  4. Dan..Dan..Dan..Dan

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    Get the steamer out to your destination and walk back.
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    Get a bit elevation into the equation when you get off at howtown, at the back of the hotel head up Fusedale and get up onto high steet heading towards high raise. Take a sharpish right around the Knott, past Satura Craggs and Angle Tarn then drop into Boredale Hause and down into Patterdale/Glenridding. Extra few miles but the views are immense.
  6. Big Cat

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    Bad footpaths aside, hows the going up there? Is is hard?
  7. GingerNick

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    I would say not..it was an utter slog in the pissing rain and relentless bogs

    but just looking at more recent images it looks like they have got proper stones paths to the summit now...so I would say its approachable for a wide range of abilities
  8. Big Cat

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    Decided to do it tomorrow so I'll report back on that aspect and whack some pictures on too.
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  10. Big Cat

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    So, Pen-y-ghent was absolutely class, went up and down the Hull Pot side of the route as missed Hull Pot on the way up. Loads of mist/ cloud shrouded the peak and ice everywhere except the path on the way up both of which added to the mystery. Spoiled it a bit because of the lack of views but nevermind. Would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who hasn't done it before.
  11. Thackeray

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    Walked around Blackton Reservoir up on the far side of Teesdale above Romaldkirk yesterday. It's lovely up there mind.

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