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  1. Big Cat

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    That looks lush, might do that on sunday!
  2. Dinsdale

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    Its tremendous. When the sunshines in the hidden quarry and you can see the minerals in the burn it looks almost ethereal.
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  3. Big Cat

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    Love natural occurances like that. Don't know why but High Force is one of my favorite places because of its natural immensity.
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  4. Bob Fleming

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    I really miss getting out for my walks. Since having the kids it is very rare we can do proper ones. I struggle to get the 5yr old to walk to the park. I have bought a middle class child carrier for the youngest so will be attempting a few more once we warm up a little.

    A good Sunderland one I love is out from Roker along the front then cut along the cliffs at whitburn towards marsden, then cut in past the caravan park, over the golf course and cleadon hills back down in to whitburn village and back to Roker. About 7 miles I think. Perfect for summer evenings but good anytime.
  5. tunstallhill

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    can you do all of this on one walk? sounds brilliant. i've never explored that area
  6. Big Cat

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    Agreed mate, we're very spoilt with our coastline thats for sure, so spoilt infact a lot of people forget its even there, myself included.
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  7. tunstallhill

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    the walk between Shields & sunderland is tremendous. you can walk from sunderland town centre, across the bridge, down and along the riverside, past the marina, along the beaches and prom, past whitburn and then along the cliff tops where you can't see any built up areas for about an hour, just rugged coastline, loads of little caves and bays. its really under appreciated that stretch of coast. and just when you start to get tired, you land in shields and straight in the chippy then for a pint. couple of quid on the bus and in half an hour you are back. great way to spend an sunday afternoon.
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  8. GingerNick

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    as above...the link to the walking forum even has a map for billihope

    slitt woods..this is a good circular route...but a long one at ten miles http://www.onefootinnorthumberland.co.uk/SLITT_WOOD_.htm

    you can shorten the route by doing a smaller circular walk of just a few km if you are dragging a wife or kids around
  9. darius

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    I have walked and ran that a few times. The steamer times are a bit iffy at this time of year.
  10. tunstallhill

    tunstallhill Striker

    that Bollihope one looks right up my street. i like doing fells up the lakes mostly, but my lass like flatter walks. i usually get bored on the flat as i like to get to the top of something and come down, but that one looks like there is loads to keep you interested. will be doing that in march or april.

    is there any decent camping around there? or any bunk houses or anything like that?
  11. not my cup of tea that like

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  12. White Horse at Scales always used to have some decent ales if you're doing Blencathra but it's a good few years since I've been.
  13. Falconhoof

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    It's really not that bad apart from "the bad step".
    I find the route up Halls fell more dangerous than Sharp edge
  14. Your so right, Castle Eden Dene is fantastic, especially in early summer when all the greenery is at it's best . Need to to careful where you park though as there's too many arseclarts about .
  15. Quench

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    We walked Craster to Bamburgh in the summer which is a great coast walk. Some nice pubs en route if you get thirsty
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  16. knitting away

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    Middleton in Teesdale to High Force via Bowlees and then back along the other side of the Tees is a nice walk

    Hands and knees job for you marra

    Skelwith Bridge, Under LoughRigg down into Ambleside, around Rydal, Grasmere, back up over the top to Elterwater and then back to Skelwith Bridge is a great walk.
    Coffee or Pint in Grasmere, Pint of Jennings at The Britannia in Elterwater, now spoilt by the fact that Chesters at Skelwith Bridge is a vegetarian place and they no longer sell those tremendous Pork Pies.
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  17. Odysseus

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    Hmm, yes and no - surely a lot is dependant upon experience, ability and confidence? If you know what you're doing and can judge conditions Sharp Edge's not that bad but if you don't know what you're doing then it's really not the place to be. It's a terrible place for slippery rocks just due to cloud cover and if you fall off you're in a world of hurt...
  18. PTID

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    This is one of my favourite walks , Yorkshire Dales,Buckden Pike via Penyghent. Usually lose a few pounds in weight doing it. though I pad it out to make it a 15 mile walk. Nice drive there as well.


    Another is Keld to Reeth , either over the tops or the riverside route. Nice pub at end of the walk in Reeth ,The Buck Inn that does good beer and pizzas. Drive to Reeth, park up. get community mini bus around 9am to Keld one way and walk back to Reeth, some great but eerie old mine working to be seen on route over the tops

  19. Big Cat

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    Penyghent is in.my top 3 to do this year, adding Hull Pot in there too. Basically the route Julia Bradbury did on Wainwright's walks.
  20. Dan..Dan..Dan..Dan

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