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Discussion in 'SMB' started by __howdy__, Oct 11, 2018.

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    Picked up a pair minimally worn used pair 18 months ago...excellent quality and they can be re-soled they also do a vibram sole one too To buy them from the shop they range from 169 to 200 so its a massive save on ebay even on new
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    I have a pair of alt bergs, having previously had Asolos and Zamberlans. Went to a specialist fitter having had problems with blisters and knackered knees whatever boots I wore. Very rarely have knee problems while walking now and haven’t had a single blister since I got them.
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    Make sure they're waterproof, Goretex or similar. If you're sticking to paths/trails, then there's loads to choose from, as others have said, go for lightweight and comfortable.

    If you're going off road where there's no paths, and you're up on the hill you want something more substantial, I'd recommend Scarpa SL's. On a road or track, they feel clumpy and heavy, but as soon as you start to climb the hill, they come into their own
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    got 2 diff pairs of fracap , one leather and one suede and they are most comfy shoes ever

  7. Depending upon where you are head for your nearest Decathlon.
    Good brands and their own make are cracking value for money
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    Thought the thread was about hiking boots, can't see them looking nice and white after yomping through sheep and cow shite.
    Then again they could have advantages with white dog shit.
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    Depends whether you want fabric or leather, ankle support or not?

    What sort of walking you intend to do and time of year?
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    Bought some leather ones around 12 years ago .Still going strong. No idea the make but I bought them in Hawes and they were 120 quid
  11. I've had my Scarpa boots for going on 20 years and still going strong :lol:
    Only get used in winter though.
  12. I, as usual must have been unlucky .
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    Depending on the terrain you need them for, I'd recommend giving trail runners a look.

    They haven't really caught on much in the UK but I used Altra Lone Peak 3.5's with Dexshell waterproof socks for 2,200 miles on the Appalachian Trail and 192 miles on the UK Coast to Coast and couldn't recommend them highly enough. No blisters and dry very quickly so good for multi-day trips.
  14. Comfiest ones I’ve ever had and I ruined them digging a tree stump out. The spade cut the sole.
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    I'm after some too and I'm going to go for Scarpa again. I bought some around 15-20 years ago and they have been brilliant. My problem was when it was very muddy a few years ago, I walked the dog in them every day and didn't clean them after. They got covered in mud then stuck in the porch next to a radiator. It dried out the leather eventually and cracked it. The Terra GTX looks like the ones to go for. Someone linked them above, but a bit of googling and a few places have them for £99.
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    As long as you are wearing them solely for hiking, otherwise you'll look like an absolute virgin.
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    Every 28 days or so...
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    Mine too! Maybe the most comfortable boots I've ever worn; never had wet feet; still going after 8 years.
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