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  1. duff_man

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    It depends entirely upon what you want to use them for, just walking or a bit scrambling thrown in, summer only or 3 or 4 season, are you likely to use crampons?
  2. El Matador

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    Waterproof, good sole, nice fit and lightweight is what you need. They haven't got to be "label" name.
    Having said that these look like a bargain.
  3. legolas'coolerbrother

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    Brasher were that good they were taken over by Berghaus. Their Fellmaster range are the same spec and superb value for money. Loved my Salomon Gore Tex as well

    QUOTE from earlier on:
    I have Berghaus Ridgemaster gortex lined. My second pair. Comfortable and not too heavy.
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  4. El Matador

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    If you're actually going to be hiking go for boots, you need ankle support.
  5. Beaker

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    I've got a pair of Scarpa Trex GTX's - Outstanding boots, as comfortable as wearing slippers. Think I spent about £120 - £150 on them but they've been worth every penny so far. I've just kept them in good nick with a tube of HS12 cream and they're like new despite being through many a peat bog, my feet haven't been wet once.
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  6. Spike

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    I have those and find them a bit slippy on wet rocks, I just bought them a couple of months ago and have had them out on a few fell walks and found them to be a canny lethal in the wet on rocks, very slightly losing traction sometimes

    Otherwise decent boots though, they look good and are very comfortable
  7. APepper8

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  8. Why go outdoors when he can buy them on the interweb?
  9. wilka88

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    So he can try them on comfort etc
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  10. PTID

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    Always used Brasher, and served me well. Looking at getting some new boots myself. Think I will try Scarpa this time around.

    These Mens Terra GTX Boot 2018
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  11. Scarpa have recently amalgamated with the Serbian footwear firm called Bojit.
  12. Kevj

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    My boots are about done and I’m looking for a new set ready for winter. Like the look of the Mammut Trovit GTX. Need to try a set on.
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  13. skybo

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    Try the Altberg factory on Richmond Ind. Estate. They measure your feet and recommend the type of boots you need.
    It's very popular with squaddies from Catterick Garrison. Had a pair from there for 8 years now and still going strong
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  14. Beaker

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    These are what I have - Just not 2018 ones.

    Absolutely spot on.
  15. raindog

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  16. Reynolds still there ? Pleased to hear that . I wonder if it is actually the Renolds family that run it . Got both me lasses tackled up in there. Happy times .
  17. Kevj

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    A mate of mine had a set of them. I had a set of Goretex Matterhorns at the time. Could stand in a stream and have dry feet. Excellent bit of kit.
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  18. Yeah it's a massive place bearing in mind the location. Yeah, still in the Reynolds family
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  19. My current byuts are Berghaus they started falling apart the first time I used them . I had Scarpa before them and they were crap as well . I am told that Altberg and Miendle are the best that regular blerks can afford .
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