Hexham the happiest place to live

The bairn knows quite a few younguns in that age range (they are all into mental bang bang bang music) and they are all mad as there was nothing to do once they hit teenage years.

I probably could live there but I like being in walking distance of gigs and bars etc. I know I'm fortunate to live where I am and it isn't everybody's cup of tea either.

even dontinos closed down in 2019
That was the greatest loss to the community. It could cope with Robbs closing, the cattle market moving out of town, the old hospital and bus stations being shut. But no Donnie’s? Where are all the young farmers supposed to go to throw up?
Was gutted when Robbs closed down. Best site on the internet.
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Love the place, was staying just outside it the other week in a cottage attached to a farm. Views were stunning, no other lights in view at night and perfect peace. Beautiful walks in the area, Hadrian's Wall etc. Great country pubs doing lovely food. Wouldn't say no to a permanent move if I could afford it.

Son of Stan

I like Hexham. And would be pretty happy if I lived there too. Some really nice shops (I can highly recommend Matthias Winter), not that many on here would care about that I'm guessing.