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Discussion in 'Gold' started by Travis, Mar 5, 2014.

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  1. kamaras-tash

    kamaras-tash Winger

    Absolutely amazing that, had a lump in me throat
  2. ontap

    ontap Striker

    Just watched it again ffs so sad at the end tho.
  3. Shevy7

    Shevy7 Goalkeeper

    Brilliant video. Gave me goosebumps again! Memories that will last for a long time. Wasn't keen on the 'things can only get better' song before but the final made it a proper anthem and will remind me of that day for years to come. Great vid
  4. boldon red

    boldon red Full Back

    Quality that lad
  5. dandowftm

    dandowftm Central Defender

    That my friend is absolutely brilliant!
  6. kamaras-tash

    kamaras-tash Winger

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  7. McAvennie

    McAvennie Goalkeeper

    I don't agree with the FA Cup semi being played at Wembley, but fuck it, that video has convinced me. Tesco Covent Garden Part II!
  8. 1966

    1966 Goalkeeper

    superb video
  9. Dendinho

    Dendinho Striker

    Im gutted not to have been able to contribute any of my pics as clean forgot about the thread even after reading Travis post beofre the weekend started!!. Well done @Travis

  10. martyftm

    martyftm Midfield

    You should do one of your own, they usually fail to disappoint.
  11. mr chuckles

    mr chuckles Striker

    sorry for my ignorance but who are the 2 lads at the end and are they no longer with us
    the one with the sunderland top on and the lad wearing the sunglasses
  12. Dark Traveller

    Dark Traveller Striker

    Cracking video.


  13. Gaz

    Gaz Striker

    Sure they are both hazey off here mate, the sunglasses one defo is.
  14. mr chuckles

    mr chuckles Striker

    ok mate thanks how did he pass away seems only young
  15. Travis

    Travis Striker

    Both Hazey and in the second version two pics of Flying Aids.
  16. Gaz

    Gaz Striker

  17. CollingwoodFTM

    CollingwoodFTM Striker

    Canny. Well done Marra.
  18. mr chuckles

    mr chuckles Striker

    bloody hell mate very sad :(
    come on safc lets win this fucking cup for hazey and his family
    where was he from thanks
  19. The Voice Of Reason

    The Voice Of Reason Striker Staff Member Contributor

    Brought a tear to my eye that

  20. Paninaro

    Paninaro Midfield

    Tremendous work. GERLD without a doubt. Not just a tear to my eye but even Mrs P did when I explained the names at the end. The sort of thread that keeps one coming back to the SMB regardless of any other shite/negativity etc

    Top work fella!
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