HERE IT IS - Video Premiere

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cheers Travis- great to see Flying ''Elvis'' Aids at the end and the roll call was tremendous-----off to peel more onions
Managed to put something together today. Would likes to have some more time on it as it deserves it but hopefully you will enjoy.

Thank you all for the use of your memories it couldn't have been made without you...literally.

I thought it be fitting to pay tribute to those who couldn't be with us. If you have photos of any of the people that you would like me to add to the end I am happy to do so.

Anyway enjoy....

Well thats just bought a tear to the eye again :lol: .....another fantastic video, and i want to do it all over again :cool:

Ha way the lads...#letmedreamagain


A monumental effort travis thank you. As I said in a previous thread this was my 6th visit to Wembley. The first was as an 11 year old with my old man and now as a 52 year old with my son. Both incredible experiences and to top things off I am in yr video lol. The pic of the mad scenes after Fabios goal there is a 3 man football love hug in the bottom right hand corner. Me in the brown hoodie, my boy and a complete stranger.
Only Safc can give you emotions like that.
Thanks again.



Who sang WMS?[DOUBLEPOST=1394219145][/DOUBLEPOST]Found it, Ingrid Michaelson
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I hate this Travis tosser - I cancelled my flights and hotel because I couldn't get a ticket and missed a weekend like that!
Please get a win on Sunday - this time I don't even care that much about a ticket for the semi.
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