HERE IT IS - Video Premiere

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Managed to put something together today. Would likes to have some more time on it as it deserves it but hopefully you will enjoy.

Thank you all for the use of your memories it couldn't have been made without you...literally.

I thought it be fitting to pay tribute to those who couldn't be with us. If you have photos of any of the people that you would like me to add to the end I am happy to do so.

Anyway enjoy....

Mod edit, I hope this works. I've included the director's cut in post 1
Feel really bad as I'm having more requests coming in to add stuff. I've just finished the new cut (***an extra 35secs of new footage***) and I really can't spend anymore time on this however much I would love to.

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dirty bristow

Pedants corner but it wasn't our first cup final in nearly 20 years, it is over 20 years surely unless I have had a brain fart??
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