Hello Fresh, Gousto Box etc...


Central Defender
Not sure how much discount you are getting but it seems incredibly expensive for what it is (which is essentially £5 worth of ingredients and a very expensive recipe card AFAIK).

A former coworker of mine used to swear by Hello Fresh and she was hardly the poster-child for healthy eating. Paid about as much a week for 3 meals as I spent on a month’s worth of teas.
Overpriced for what it is even with discount codes. No way would I pay full price for it as a few evening meals would cost more than I pay for it weekly shop for all our food.

I tried it but nothing was outstanding. It was just bog standard ingredients that you can buy in the supermarket for much less.

Didn't like the amount of waste. Lots of packaging to dispose of and fiddly things like little sachets to open and squeeze or little plastic domes with a teaspoon of herbs/spices in.

Several recipes had ketchup as an ingredient which gave a sweet taste to the meal which I didn't like.

You need to go to the supermarket anyway for other meals so you might as well just look up recipes and buy stuff while you are there doing your other shopping.