Has 'Chris Coleman' done a good job overall so far?

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by Anthony From Blue, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. andymcnish

    andymcnish Winger

    Put it this way - if we go down and the players look like they at least tried then I'd have no issue keeping Coleman (if he would stay).

    He's as good as we can realistically expect.

    Probably 8/10 so far for me.
  2. willo

    willo Winger

    I’m sure people still think we have about 30 games left and plenty of time to sort it out. If we don’t pick up points soon we are going to need Championship winning form to get out of it. CC has had more than enough time to sort it out and start producing some consistency. I realise the players are not very good but he knew what he was getting into. A win percentage of 26% isn’t enough at the moment.
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  3. seggaman

    seggaman Midfield

    I like the clever use of inverted commas implying that we don't have the real Chris Coleman in charge, just someone calling himself 'Chris Coleman'. I call myself 'Colin Todd' sometimes.
  4. fyl2u

    fyl2u Striker

    There are a number of good reasons why results are a poor indicator of his performance as manager.

    If you're not in training with him and the players, how can you tell if he made the right decisions with his team selection and choice of formation?

    There's no way of knowing whether we would have won or lost any particular match with someone else in charge.

    His press conferences when taken in conjunction with the interviews with the players are good indicators of his man management skills. It is unlikely that he'd be good at giving interviews and teaching his players to give interviews as though they had team spirit and desire if he wasn't good at instilling genuine team spirit and desire in those players.
  5. I think you are vastly overstating the importance of a press conference mind, if he doesn't get good results it' absolutely worthless. By saying that you can't judge on results you're pretty much saying that no fan should ever want a manager to leave (or stay) based on how their club is performing, and should judge them purely on how they come across to the media. Do you not realise how utterly mental that sounds?
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  6. fyl2u

    fyl2u Striker

    Only if the manager is working with an inherited squad as weak as ours and no money to spend like Coleman is.

    If he had been given backing to sign any and all players he wanted (within reason) and each week was playing the players and tactics of his choosing then I'd agree with you, but he's just trying to find a way of using the poor squad we've got and trying to bring in players on a ludicrously limited budget for the division we're in, so I don't see how judging him on points gained is fair.

    With the restrictions he's working under, I can't see how anyone out there could be doing better than he is but to say that or the opposite is pure speculation. Nobody knows how we could have been doing with someone else in charge, so we have nothing to compare his points haul with.

    What we do know is that the mood has changed in the dressing room to one of hope and optimism, and it's starting to catch on in the fan base too.

    That's where it had to start, getting out of the rut we were in, so in my opinion, full marks to him so far.
  7. Billy Batts

    Billy Batts Striker

    Wtf? Results are the MAIN reason a manager should be judged, couldn't give a flying fuck if he's canny in press conferences ffs and his tactics in the main have been crap.
    10/10? Jesus wept.
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  8. You don't half talk some absolute dribbling shite mind. :lol:

    10/10 for fucks sake. You have to be on a windup. Or you're boffing too many bongs.
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  9. MarcoG

    MarcoG Striker

    He thinks Seb Larsson's a Sunderland legend and has never posted one negative thing about anything to do with the club. Not really worth replying to.
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  10. The Bridge Lad

    The Bridge Lad Striker

    Would be interesting to see what scores some of those giving 8s 9s and 10s, would give to Grayson for not too dissimilar results and arguably better performances.
  11. safctommie

    safctommie Midfield

    I don't suppose Coleman told Short that 'success' would be joint bottom come the middle of Feb. 2/10
  12. Buchans Boots

    Buchans Boots Central Defender

    I'd like too see Coleman given a level playing field before people make up their minds. Grayson and the previous incumbents have now gone so thats history. What matters is that Coleman stays, is allowed to sort this mess out and then judge the lad. The lad is right in amongst it now and he should be allowed too see it through and hopefully reap the rewards at the end.

    This must be killing him.
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  13. safctommie

    safctommie Midfield

    Answer the question.Has he?
  14. Kipper

    Kipper Midfield

    @Guinness Guzzler is exactly right. @fyl2u it isn’t football manager, you’re vastly overstating the importance of coaching and press conferences.
  15. Buchans Boots

    Buchans Boots Central Defender

    Not particularly.

    That doesnt mean that I want him gone though. Neither does it mean that I dont think he is capable of doing a much better job.
  16. safctommie

    safctommie Midfield

    Now that wasn't hard,was it?
  17. Buchans Boots

    Buchans Boots Central Defender

    Who are you talking to you cheeky bastard? Fuckoff.
  18. Ashley In!!

    Ashley In!! Winger

    Now no more than a 5
  19. Peter123

    Peter123 Full Back

    He's done ok. I wasn't expecting miracles but he's come in to take over a team that appears destined for the drop and we're now looking like a team every his as much destined to drop. Anymore than a 5 is very generous.
    The loss of Grabban was a blow but I'm not sure what he's improved either.
  20. The Bridge Lad

    The Bridge Lad Striker

    Slipping by the game at the moment. P17 W4 D3 L10 F12 A27 is not 8/9/10 out of 10 in my book no matter how 'tied his hands are'.
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