Has anyone on here just upped and walked out of their job?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Jelly Belly, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Spennymackem1981

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    i hope you told him to fuck off what a whopper

    call centres are fucking grim places....i did a year at T-Mobile apart from the cafe and the tremendous amout of Exellent fanny it was a proper shit job with Teamleaders who thought they were hitler
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    I've worked at three and this was the line that was always peddled out. It's simply not true.

    Like anywhere, they were lasses that were more attractive than others, but everyone was mostly just bang average looking.

    A bit like when you're at school and the lads would go absolutely out of their minds about a teacher who was just a normal looking woman.
  3. Spennymackem1981

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    Sorry mate i didnt realize u were the resident SMB Adonis with a chiselled body Blue eyes and dashing personality any woman would be lucky to have you

    Ya goat
  4. MackneyHackem

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    I never commented on my attractiveness or lack thereof.

    Weird of you to start fantasising about my body mind.
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  5. S.S.R..

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    Even if the place you're at has genuine 9/10s there, if they're not straddling you in the bogs at break time, what's the incentive to work with them?

    I'd rather have good banter with someone than have a constant reminder of what some other bloke's getting.
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  6. Spennymackem1981

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    to try and get stuck into them on work nights out why else

    not had any action in 2 month mate id fuck a warm apple right now
  7. N'dong and Papy did. Not sure how it worked out.
  8. Spennymackem1981

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    ya spelt fulwell wrong mate
  9. MackneyHackem

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    A horny man is horny. How impressive.
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  10. Having over 30 jobs by the age of 38 sounds like someone you should never employ in the 1st place.
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  11. Durhamish

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    I used to work for Swissport as a dispatcher up at Ponteland airport in my early 20s. Essentially a dispatcher is the middle man between the baggage handlers, cabin crew, pilots, cleaners etc for every flight.
    Sounds good but actually it was a piece of shit and I was on minimum wage with little prospects.
    Swissport were an absolute shambles at the time, zero contract hours, little training, huge turnover of staff.
    They bit of more than they can chew with contracts at the airport aswell, they had more flights landing than steps and staff to meet the planes etc, it was truely shambolic.
    If you ever waited 2 hours for your bags coming back off holiday in the late 00’s this was the reason.

    Anyway this lad, 2 weeks in the job was dispatching one of those rigger flights to Aberdeen but he was responsible for 2 other flights going out aswell due to said issues.
    Anyway some confusion happened, lack of staff, no direction etc and all the Aberdeen bags ended up on the flight to Stavanger.
    This said dispatcher who was on minimum wage, 2 weeks out of training and on his own essentially just got a barrage of abuse by the controller on the radio and the pilot of this Aberdeen flight. He just said fuck this, walked to the office, dropped his radio and his pass off, got changed and fucked off home, all 10 minutes before the flight was due to take off still without bags and no dispatcher.

    Hilarious it was,

    months later I got the chop for a genuine mistake, best mistake of my life. Walked into a much higher paid job 3 weeks later.
  12. Remember being interviewed as part of a group for a call-centre job with NPower (I think) at Doxford.

    Written tests, oral exams and the usual psychometric shite later resulted in about 30 people being split into 2 groups.

    The group I was in were told to sit and wait in reception. The others were taken to a small room, to be told one-by-one where they went wrong and why they failed and what they need to do to buck their ideas up. So, instead of being sent home with a bit of dignity, the poor gets had to walk out of this room and through a reception area full of people that had obviously passed all these tests.

    Once they'd all gone, a few in my group (including me) asked why this terrible procedure was followed. Cue shrugs of shoulders and not much more.

    Myself (with other interviews in the pipeline) and three others just upped and walked. What a shit way to treat people.
  13. I don't.

    Just remembered . When I was on my arse years ago I got a job selling security systems . There was a small basic with the possibility of earning millions (why aye) . Any how I realised it was all about conning people, mostly old folk so on the Wednesday I drove the 50 miles to Redcar, pulled up outside the office, had a think, started the car and fucked off .
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  14. Gibraltar Mackem

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    Fucking hell mate. :eek:

    Hopefully your hoop has recovered well.
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  15. During university summer breaks I would come back home to London and pick up work through a temp agency where my girlfriend's mum worked. I had a couple of absolutely cracking summers spent working at the various Google offices in London. The job only involved stocking stationary, shifting desks and delivering mail to peoples desks and getting loads of exercise walking around their cavernous offices. It was an absolute doddle and I could eat and drink all I wanted from their canteens and mini-kitchens, dream.

    However prior to landing that ideal temp job, the first summer I was temping I ended up at a social housing group in Camden. I was told it was just a reception job, answer the phones, direct calls, take the post etc etc. It actually turned out that my main job was to fob off debt-collection agencies by making up various reasons they couldn't talk to the accounts department. I managed two days and called the temp agency on the way home at the end of the second day and said there was no way I could go back there.

    I had some weird and wonderful jobs through that agency, but I stuck the crap ones out because they wouldn't usually last very long and I'd be gone at the end of summer anyway.

    Some other crackers included being sent to a PR agency which produced obscure industry magazines were I just ended up spending two days folding the CEO's birthday party invites, addressing them and putting them in envelopes.
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  16. Don’t walk out.
    Just etch into your mind that this time in 6 months you will be out of it.
    Get your CV looked at and approved and keep applying.
    Learn from the last interview experience......it will work out.
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  17. squashjoe

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    Yes done it a few year back, done the knowledge and it worked for me, went to Russia in June for the World Cup and my dad hasn't been back to work since. So two here really.
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  18. Dagzd1973

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    Walked out of my last 3 jobs after falling out with the bosses. I don't take any shit whatsoever when it comes to work. Take the piss and I walk, simple as. I don't take the piss so I expect to be treated the same way.
  19. niceonemarra

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    Yes but I worked my notice as a gentleman would.
  20. double maxim

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    Totally agree with comments about workplace worldies, its easy to get carried away when the baseline is low.

    Also remember, for every stunner out there, there is also a bloke who has become sick of fucking her.
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